Live sustainably - the 12 slightly different challenges for the new year

Who doesn't know it, the new year begins and we have a whole series of good intentions: eat healthier, do more sport, get enough sleep... the list is long.
And maybe you have made the resolution that you want to live more sustainably this year?
Unfortunately, this is sometimes not that easy, because sustainability involves so much more than going shopping with a jute bag.

Many topics are very complex and difficult to understand, and we may not even be thinking about other topics. We are often overwhelmed because it is too difficult to tackle everything at once.

That's why we want to accompany you step by step and have a challenge for you for every month of this year that you may not have necessarily dealt with yet.

January Challenge: 12 must-see documentaries about sustainability

challenge 1

If you still need a bit of inspiration to get started or if you are simply interested in the topic of sustainability in general, then take a look at our 12 sustainability documentaries, which we claim are a must-see.

Here is the blog post.

February Challenge: How positive can one vegan meal a day affect our climate?

challenge 2

Very few people become vegan overnight and nobody has to. You can find out how much impact individual vegan meals can have in the February Challenge.

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March Challenge: Sustainable spring cleaning - we'll show you how it's done

challenge 3

Spring is just around the corner and it's time for spring cleaning. But what is actually in normal cleaners and what effects does that have on our environment?
Find out in the March challenge how you can clean sustainably in the future.

Here is the blog post.

April Challenge: The Big Green Electricity Lie: We'll explain how to recognize real green electricity

Find out here why green electricity is not always green electricity and what you need to look out for.

Here is the blog post

May Challenge: Almost a third of food ends up in the garbage - 7 tips against food waste

This challenge aims to show you how important and easy it can be to waste less food. Here's how.

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June Challenge: What are "sense influencers" and why should you definitely become one of them?

challenge 5

Spoiler alert: No, you don't have to start an Instagram career in June. You can find out how you can still become a Sinnfluencer here.

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July Challenge: 11 tips on how to travel more sustainably

The holiday season begins and unfortunately traveling is often anything but good for the environment. We want to show you which more environmentally friendly options are available and how you can also be more sustainable when traveling by air.

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August Challenge: How you can make the world a better place by exercising and walking

In the summer we are all drawn outside. Unfortunately, a lot of waste also ends up in nature. You can find out what you can do about it in our August Challenge.

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September Challenge: Eco furniture - how can you set up your apartment sustainably?

challenge 8

In everyday life, we often worry about whether our cosmetics or clothing are sustainable. But have you ever thought about the impact your furniture has on the environment? More on that in September.

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October Challenge: The fight against throwaway fashion - it's time for fair fashion

Fast fashion is often produced at the expense of the environment and people. In October we will tell you how you can approach the topic of fair fashion without having to buy your entire wardrobe again.


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November Challenge: Sustainable Christmas gifts

The early bird catches the worm... Are you already in the middle of planning your Christmas? In this blog post, we show you how to make your Christmas gifts more sustainable this year.

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December Challenge: 7 tips for a sustainable Advent season.

Time for our last challenge: The year is almost over, but December in particular is often burdened with consumption and a lot of waste. In this blog post we will show you how to get through the Advent season sustainably.

Here is the blog post

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