Clean beauty for you and the environment


What are we striving for?

We want to completely eliminate the need for plastic in your bathroom!

Over 2 million tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year!

Our goal is to bring plastic to 0 in your beauty and hygiene routine through sustainable packaging and ingredients!

How is this supposed to work?

We find new solutions to circumvent conventional ways!

We are committed to developing alternative textures, packaging and shipping materials. You surely know the saying "A good soul lives in a good temple"? The same applies to our products! Our high-quality, environmentally friendly cosmetics belong in packaging with the same high standards of our sustainability criteria.

What exactly are we doing about it?

0% plastic tolerance 100% sustainability

That all sounds well and good. But they also know about the greenwashing problem of many companies. We would therefore like to give you more detailed insights into specific activities at this point.


100% Vegan

Die ethische Verpflichtung gegenüber Tieren und der Verzicht auf tierische Inhaltsstoffe unterstreichen die umweltfreundliche Ausrichtung von puremetics. Unsere Vision erstreckt sich darüber hinaus darauf, die Bedeutung von umweltfreundlicher Kosmetik in der Gesellschaft zu stärken und ein Bewusstsein für die Auswirkungen von Schönheitsprodukten auf die Umwelt zu schaffen.

What we do for it

Check every single step against our high standards!

Sustainability is not just a motto for us, it is what drives us! We question ourselves with every step, no matter how small, whether we have introduced the maximum of sustainability here.

We do not rest on our laurels, but are always on the move to take up newer, better and more sustainable approaches.

eine Bewegung, die für nachhaltige Schönheit inspiriert

Die Vision ist es, einen Beitrag zu einer Welt zu leisten, in der Schönheit nicht auf Kosten der Umwelt geht, sondern im Einklang mit ihr existiert.

Our packaging is not made of plastic, bioplastic or recycled plastic! We develop our own solutions that pack even greasy products safely and without plastic.

Textures: What doesn't fit is made to fit! We create new textures that don't need plastic packaging from the cradle on.

Optimally matched! We coordinate products, packaging and shipping materials in such a sophisticated way that we ship as little volume as necessary.

Eliminate hidden plastic! Plastic parts are often hidden in supposedly environmentally friendly packaging. This can be so-called coatings, i.e. spreads on paper bags, the tear strip on the shipping carton or the seal in the screw cap. We are uncompromising and promise you 100% plastic-free.

Social responsibility: We support the protection of the oceans with every order! No matter what the value of the goods: For every order we salvage a whole kilo of plastic waste from coastal regions and have already been able to protect the seas from over 40 tons of waste!

Use range and budgets sensibly

Social responsibility

In addition to our mission, we also see it as our duty to limit the damage caused by inconsiderate people. In this way we protect the oceans from a whole kilo of plastic waste per order. We support environmental projects with energy, reach and goodies and actively take to the streets for a better world.
Greaseproof, leakproof and 0% plastic

Our shower fluff cups

For months we worked with a motivated manufacturer on a process to pack greasy and semi-liquid products in paper. And the investment was worth it! Our shower fluff cups withstand even the intensive care formula with lots of coconut oil. 💪🤩
Breathing new life into old packaging

Recyclable packaging

Our advent calendar was designed in such a way that it does not have to be thrown away after Christmas, but serves as a biodegradable seed tray. Of course, there were also the right seeds 🦋🐝
As simple as it is ingenious

Frustration-free shipping boxes with no tear-off string

Sometimes it's the small, inconspicuous things that can make a big difference. Our shipping boxes are punched in such a way that you can easily cut them open at the opening recesses. Imagine how much plastic could be saved if all online retailers did the same. 🤔😦
Combine marketing, customer loyalty and sustainability

Reusable Loyalty Systems

Anything we can reuse, we reuse. For example, you can get a great discount for 10 shipping cards via our loyalty system. Or get a free lip balm for every 10 lip balm jars. WinWin for the environment, us and you 🥰😍

WASTE DOES NOT BELONG in the environment, nor does it belong on your skin!

I always had the feeling that I had to choose between high-quality cosmetics and sustainable ones. My drive: to combine both. This is how the idea of ​​puremetics was born.

chris cosma puremetics
Chris Cosma
CEO & Co-Founder

As a father, the future of my children is one of the most important issues in my life. Every day, as adults, we set the course for the world in which our children will later live.

Chido Ogbukagu
CEO & Co-Founder

puremetics protects our seas from plastic waste. With every order from puremetics, 1 kg of plastic waste is prevented from entering our oceans. Over 44 tons to date!

(CEO) Cleanhub

Sea turtles face many threats, most of which are man-made. Thank you for puremetics' contribution to protecting these wonderful animals in this way.

(CEO) Action Group for Species Protection

Together for the abolition of the terrible monkey brain experiments in Germany. This particularly cruel research on our closest relatives is ethically unjustifiable and scientifically nonsense, since animal experiments cannot be transferred to humans.

(Administration) Doctors against animal experiments

By castrating a street cat, you save many other cats a lot of misery and suffering. A lot of things can be prevented if you work preventatively, which is why we try to have as many cats as possible neutered every year.

(Board of Directors) Seelekatzen eV

The donations made German courses possible, in which the German teacher was able to teach refugee children and young people from Ukraine between the ages of 12 and 17 three times a week. Language is so important for integration!

(Board) Pro Zukunft eV
With love, joy and inspiration

Motivate instead of proselytize

Even though our demands on our mission are uncompromising, we believe that sustainability can only work through long-term changes. And who doesn't know it? Habits that have been trained over the years, comfortable and cherished, cannot simply be changed from one day to the next.

Our approach? We make it as comfortable as possible for you! Our products should make sustainability fun. Environmental friendliness and quality are not mutually exclusive - we combine them! In addition, we present you on our social channels, in our newsletter and in our blog inspiring news, facts, DIYs and videos on how you can easily make your everyday life more sustainable step by step with fun and joy.

Wir können den Verlauf jetzt ändern

gemeinsam werden wir es schaffen!

Unsere Mission erreichen wir nur mit deiner Unterstützung. Lasst uns gemeinsam die Welt retten und dabei echt aussehen!

Ich bin dabei!