Information on the authenticity of customer reviews

Trusted Shop Reviews:

We use Trusted Shops as an independent service provider for obtaining reviews. Trusted Shops has taken steps to ensure that reviews are genuine. More information


Product Ratings:

A distinction must be made between verified reviews (green tick) and unverified reviews:

Verified reviews (with a green tick):

Each verified consumer rating is checked for authenticity before it is published, to ensure that ratings only come from consumers who have actually purchased/used the rated products. The review is carried out by manual review in the form of a comparison of the rating with the order history of the merchandise management system in order to make a previous product purchase a necessary condition for publication.

Not verified reviews:

Some ratings are also placed online by us if they have not been checked for authenticity by us or the purchase did not take place directly from us. Even in cases where sets and gift boxes were purchased and the items they contain are rated, they are also classified as unverified ratings, since only the respective set or gift box can be marked as verified. They can therefore also come from consumers who actually did not purchase/use the rated products. These reviews are not marked as verified reviews.