Shaker for dry shampoo 'Gold'
Shaker for dry shampoo 'Gold'
Shaker for dry shampoo 'Gold'
Shaker for dry shampoo 'Gold'
Shaker for dry shampoo 'Gold'

Shaker for dry shampoo 'Gold'

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 Environmentally friendly, zero-waste refill system
  For our dry shampoo refill packs
High-quality shaker made from robust tinplate
Simple and targeted application
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 14 cm



Made from high quality tinplate, the tinplate dry shampoo shaker offers a practical and environmentally friendly way to refill our dry shampoo refills. With its fine distribution grid, it ensures an even distribution of the dry shampoo and enables targeted application. Simply fill the shaker with dry shampoo, use our environmentally friendly refill bag and apply the dry shampoo to the desired areas of hair as needed. This means your hair stays fresh and cared for at all times, without any water or additional packaging.

      Application in the refill system: Open the two lids of your refill system and then fill the contents of your refill pack into the refill system. Close both lids securely and tightly again and then proceed as follows.

      Application directly to the roots: Sprinkle the dry shampoo directly onto the oily roots. Massage it in with your fingers and then brush out the hair. There should be no residue left on the scalp or hair. A 100 gram pack is enough for around 50 uses.

      Use with the palms: Alternatively, you can sprinkle the powder onto your palms and then work it into your roots.

      Use with the powder brush: For a precise application, sprinkle some dry shampoo into the lid and use a powder brush to apply it specifically to the roots.

      Tip: Try out which type of application works best for you. If you are not yet familiar with using our dry shampoo alternative to spreading, then it is best to try it out in peace and relaxation until you find out the optimal amount and application for you.

      Note: In general, you should make sure that the dry shampoo powder does not get on your clothes. So protect your clothing with a towel during use, for example, or simply get dressed after use.

      Storage: Keep dry.

      Disposal: Dispose of the refill packs in waste paper. The refill system does not need to be disposed of. If you still dispose of it, please take it to the tinplate recycling center, where it can best be recycled.


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      100% VEGAN

      All of our products are vegan and cruelty-free. Puremetics is part of PETA's "Beauty without Bunnies" program.

      100% SUSTAINABLE

      Sustainability is what drives us! We design our products to be environmentally friendly with the future in mind.

      100% PLASTIC FREE

      From the product to the packaging to shipping, everything is free of plastic, microplastics or hidden plastic.

      100% HANDMADE

      Our cosmetics are carefully produced, assembled and shipped by hand in Germany with love and passion.



      At Puremetics we are proud that sustainability is what drives us and is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We firmly believe that each of us can make a contribution to protecting our environment, and that is why we create environmentally friendly alternatives lovingly handcrafted with the highest quality.

      Your decision to choose an environmentally friendly alternative is completely right and important. Thank you 💚

      By choosing puremetics, you are helping to make the world a better place. We would like to thank you for choosing products that are best for you and our planet. Your support means a lot to us and we are grateful that together we can have a positive impact.

      Chris Cosma (CEO und Co-Founder von puremetics aus Hannover)

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