Advertising Materials

Are you looking for customizable, meaningful advertising material?

Then we have a match! :)

With our high-quality beauty alternatives, you combine joy with sustainability.

We are also happy to produce anything from individual products to gift-ready boxes in small runs of 100 pieces or more in our own design.

Please note that these are promotional products and not for regular retail.

the best for you, your employees and the environment
We look forward to your request
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Benefits and Benefits

We customize everything for you in-house, from the product to the label, and look forward to creative collaborations
Fast production
All work areas are staffed internally, so that we can quickly offer all services from a single source.
Fast, plastic-free delivery!
Our shipping is also completely plastic-free and environmentally friendly. Also very fast, because we ship directly from stock.
puremetics promise of quality
With us you get handmade cosmetics from Germany of the highest quality. The recipients will appreciate it.