The purepoints loyalty program

Your loyalty will be rewarded with us!

Receive exciting benefits, discounts, goodies and gifts in our loyalty program for existing customers

You will automatically receive purepoints for every purchase you make from us, as well as for certain activities, provided you have a customer account with us. You can collect these and exchange them with us for great rewards!

And this is how it works

step 1

Register for purepoints

You are automatically in the purepoints program if you have a customer account with us. You can create a customer account free of charge at any time. You will already receive your first points as a thank you!

You can view your current purepoints status and all benefits at any time in your customer account. Collect purepoints to exchange them for your desired rewards.

step 2

get pure points

You can get purepoints in two ways. On the one hand, completely automatically for every purchase from us. The number of your purepoints always depends on your purchase value (1 euro spent = 5 purepoints).

On the other hand, we also give you purepoints for certain activities. For example, if you follow us on Instagram or recommend us. You can find a detailed overview in the menu item “Receive purepoints”.

step 3

Enjoy gifts and benefits

You can exchange your purepoints for great goodies, order discounts, free shipping, gifts or freebies with us.

There are also various pure levels that have lasting benefits for you. You reach this purelevel with the total number of purepoints you have collected with us so far.

achieve pure level

A very special thank you for your loyalty

The more points you have collected with us, the higher your pure level is.

With your purelevel you will receive great one-off gifts from us and also permanently more purepoints.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your special loyalty to puremetics and to make you happy.

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