The purepoints loyalty program
Loyalty is rewarded with us!

Discover the purepoints program and receive exciting benefits, discounts, goodies and gifts.

We have often noticed that many companies often only focus on new customers and that most promotions and discounts do not apply to existing customers. That's a shame, of course, because in a good relationship you should always take care of each other and not just shine on the first date, right?

That's why we created a program with our purepoints system.

What is that? Keeping a long story short!

You automatically receive purepoints for every purchase from us and for certain activities, provided you have a customer account with us. You can collect these and exchange them for great prizes!

And this is how it works

Step 1
Register for purepoints

You are automatically in the purepoints program if you have a customer account. If you don't already have one, create one quickly. You already get your first points as a thank you! Otherwise you don't need to do anything else. The system works completely independently and credits you with your purepoints automatically. If you wish, you can also be notified of your new points by email.

Step 2
get pure points

You get purepoints in two ways. On the one hand, automatically for every purchase from us. The number of your purepoints always depends on the value of the goods you have purchased (1 euro spent = 5 purepoints).

On the other hand, we also give you purepoints for certain activities. For example, if you share us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or recommend us to a friend. You can find an overview of this in the "Get purepoints" menu item.

Step 3
receive gifts and benefits

You can redeem your points for various goodies, discount codes, free shipping, gifts or freebies with us.

But we will come up with more exciting goodies and expand this list.

a special thank you for your loyalty
achieve pure level

You reach a pure level with the number of pure points you have accumulated over the whole time. The more points you have collected with us, the higher your pure level.

With your pure level, you will receive one-time great gifts from us and also permanently more pure points.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to particularly loyal customers.