regular, flexible and convenient

Get your favorite products

at an unbeatable price!
in a rhythm

that suits your lifestyle

What’s special about our product subscription is its customizability. You have the freedom to set the delivery interval as you wish - be it weekly, monthly or another rhythm that suits your lifestyle. You can also adjust the product selection at any time to ensure that you always get exactly what you want.


Cost savings

An outstanding advantage of our product subscription is the attractive cost savings. Compared to regular individual purchases, we offer you our items as a subscription at a significantly reduced price. This not only means financial advantages for you, but also the certainty of receiving high-quality products at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

can be canceled at any time

you remain in full control

We understand that your needs may change and that is why we have deliberately eliminated the notice period. You can cancel your product subscription at any time without the hassle of notice periods. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we want to make sure you have full control over your subscription.

Use your time better than shopping

we take care of everything for you

In addition, we offer you a worry-free shopping experience with the product subscription. You no longer have to remember to reorder your favorite products or worry about delivery dates - we will ensure that your items are delivered to your home on time and conveniently.

Get started today and enjoy exclusive benefits that only our product subscription offers

Discover the benefits of our product subscription and make your life easier with a convenient, flexible and affordable way to get your favorite products. The benefits of our product subscription are diverse and tailored to your needs:

Cost savings

Subscription products are significantly cheaper than purchasing them individually. Customers benefit from attractive discounts that enable long-term savings.


You determine the delivery interval according to your personal preferences. Whether weekly, monthly or another rhythm – the subscription adapts to your lifestyle.

Customizable product selection

Change your product selection as needed. Whether you want to try new products or your preferences change, customizing your subscription products is easy and simple.

Convenient delivery

Forget about reordering manually. Your subscription products will be delivered to your home automatically and on time. A worry-free shopping experience without the hassle of constantly having to think about reordering.

No notice period

You have full control over your subscription. You can pause or terminate your subscription at any time and without notice if your needs change.

Easy management

Use the user-friendly interface of your customer account to manage your subscription effortlessly. Change delivery intervals, customize products or end your subscription with just a few clicks.

It works that simply

Step 1

Selection of products

Visit our online shop and select the products you would like to receive regularly. Instead of adding them to your shopping cart, choose the "Subscription" option and add the desired items to your subscription.

step 2

Delivery interval & product selection

Use the flexibility of the subscription system. You can set the delivery interval according to your needs - be it weekly, monthly or another time frame. You can also adjust the product selection at any time to ensure you always get the products that suit you.

step 3

Processing your subscriptions

Enjoy the financial benefits of the subscription - the items are cheaper compared to purchasing them individually. The best thing about it: You can cancel your subscription at any time without notice.

You can also easily and easily make changes or pause your subscription at any time via your customer account in the “Subscriptions” area.

We often receive these questions about our product subscription. Maybe your answer is already there?

You select the products you want and add them to the subscription. Then you determine the delivery interval and adjust the product selection if necessary. The customer account makes administration easier.

Yes, you can adjust the delivery interval at any time in your customer account to ensure that it fits your current needs.

No, on the contrary. Subscription products are cheaper than purchasing them individually. You benefit from attractive discounts.

You can easily edit your product selection in your customer account. Add new products or remove products you no longer want.

No, there is no minimum term. You can cancel your subscription at any time without notice.

Yes, you can pause your subscription in your customer account if you temporarily do not want deliveries.

Yes, changes to delivery intervals or product selection will automatically be applied to future deliveries.

Availability may vary depending on location. Please check the shipping options during the checkout process.

Payment is made automatically according to the selected delivery interval via your specified payment method.

You can update your shipping address in your customer account at any time to ensure your products arrive at the right place.

we are available for you

do you have questions?

We would be happy to be there for you personally and advise you about our products and our product subscription.