Trick or treating? - Vegan snacks for the Halloween party.

To make your spooky party a hell of a success, we present you with terribly delicious vegan snacks for the Halloween party . Hearty, sweet and sour sins should not be missing at a successful party.

The scarier and grosser - the better!

It must be hearty creepy!

bloody fingers

Gruesome! - Vegan wieners become the perfect imitation of a finger with a sliver of almonds as a fingernail and a cut at the level of the wrist. Simply place the hot dogs in a vegan hot dog bun and garnish with ketchup or mustard.


Vegan sausages also look good in a dressing gown – as mini mummies. Simply wrap the sausages in thin strips of dough. Puff, pizza or bread dough is suitable as dough. If you still have food coloring, a face could appear here and there, otherwise the ketchup will help here too.

Cracking Pumpkin

Anyone who loves guacamole simply pours it out of a pumpkin face onto a plate. Looks gross, but tastes great! Garnish everything with bread, vegetable sticks or nachos and you're ready to feast horrifically.

Trick or treat!

witch fingers

It gets particularly spooky with crispy witch fingers. Shortcrust pastry is a good basis for this. For a nail, simply press a whole, unshelled almond into the batter. Bake – and then decorate with strawberry jam.

Eat from the grave

Dig graves out of chocolate pudding in no time at all. Simply fill a glass with the pudding, crumble the delicious biscuits over the pudding (the freshly raised earth) and decorate a rectangular biscuit with "RIP" and place in the glass.

Pumpkin meets ghost

A buffet with healthy snacks is possible in no time. Peeled tangerines turn out to be great pumpkins with a piece of celery as the "stalk". If you now peel a few bananas, cut them in half and garnish them with chocolate eyes and mouth, you will have ghosts in no time!

It gets sweeter when the banana halves are pulled through white chocolate - the white sheet.

Now just set the tables appropriately and let the party begin!

Happy Halloween!!!

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