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Tips for a sustainable and vegan Valentine's Day

It's almost that time again. The day of love is just around the corner. But where does Valentine's Day come from?

Saint Valentine lived in what is now Italy in the third century AD. He has given flowers to couples and married lovers according to Christian tradition. “Valentine's Day” became well known during the economic boom.

Today it's almost impossible to forget Valentine's Day, because whether it's on social media or in every window of a flower shop or jeweler: you are constantly reminded of it everywhere! 

(Source: Photo by Amy Shambles on Unsplash )

It's the day of love and yet you get the impression that it's often all about consumption at the expense of the environment.

We are convinced that the most romantic day of the year can also be spent sustainably. With our tips, you not only pay attention to your loved ones, but also to the environment.

Our tips for a sustainable and vegan Valentine's Day!

  1. Live plants instead of cut flowers
    On this day the florists b(l)ooom and roses are the absolute classic for the celebration of love.
    Alternatively, how about flowering indoor plants? This alternative is not only more sustainable, but also makes your home happy for a long time.

  2. Handmade gifts
    Surprise your loved ones with a unique and personal gift, e.g. B. a work of art, jewelry or pottery. These gifts not only show caring, but also encourage your creativity.

  3. Shared hobby or interest class
    Take a class together to learn a new hobby or deepen a common interest. Whether it's cooking, photography or painting, this gift is a great way to spend time together while avoiding unnecessary waste.

  4. time instead of stuff
    If we are honest, we often find little time for each other in everyday life. So how about if you consciously take the evening off and give away the most precious asset: your valuable time.

  5. The way to the heart is through the stomach: Dinner for two
    This romantic dinner begins long before the meal. It starts with a joint, conscious purchase. With your favorite songs in the background, we cook and maybe dance a little here and there?! That's what it's all about: consciously spending time together.

  6. Eco-friendly wellness day
    Treat your loved ones to a relaxing wellness day with environmentally friendly products. This is where our products are perfect: They are 100% plastic-free, sustainable and vegan. There is also a practical and exclusive gift box especially for Valentine's Day. The all-round package without any stress.

  7. VEGAN means love: a sustainable pampering program with puremetics
    Matching the day of love, we have a very special Valentine's Day sale: a special gift box containing the exclusive "Rosengarten" shower fluff! 🤫 After all, we don't just say "I can smell you good" - we humans love beautiful scents. Without plastic and questionable ingredients - everything vegan, sustainable and perfect for you, your loved ones and the environment. Whether as a gift idea 💝 or for your self-care routine: get our limited edition now until February 15th 🎁

    In summary, there are many ways to celebrate Valentine's Day while avoiding waste. Choosing handmade gifts, outdoor activities or sustainable products is a great way to show your love while reducing your environmental impact.

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    • Regina

      Tolle Idee, Schnittblumen sind an diesem Tag nur überteuert, werde Puremetics bestellen, dem Duft und der Nachhaltigkeit zu Liebe 💘

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