How to use our Scent Melts

Imagine - you enter your living room in the evening and it smells wonderfully of your favorite fragrance.

If that's exactly what you want for your living room, then our Scent Melts are for you.

What is a scent melt?

Scent Melts are small, scented pieces of wax that are slowly heated, releasing their fragrance. They are like candles without a wick.


And that is how it works:

  1. Place your warmer on a flat surface and make sure the top bowl is clean
  2. Place your Scent Melt in the top bowl and place a candle in the bottom opening/turn on the lamp
  3. Enjoy the fresh and long-lasting scent
  4. Turn off your fragrance lamp / blow out the candle when you no longer need it or when the wax has used up its scent
  5. Remove the wax
How? Once the wax has cooled, place your warmer in the freezer for about 30 minutes. The wax contracts and can be removed by gently tapping.


Has your Scent Melt run out of scent?

Now you have two options:

  • Either you dispose of the wax in the residual waste...
  • ...or you make a candle out of your leftover wax.

Speaking of candles… Fancy a DIY?

How to make a new candle from the Scent Melts and leftover candles:

  1. What you'll need: Candle scraps, Scent Melts, clean popsicle stick, masking tape, jar for a finished candle, heatproof container, pot of hot water, scissors, decorations if needed.
  2. First you stick 2 strips of adhesive tape on the glass opening and clamp the popsicle stick between the two strips of adhesive tape (the strips serve as a holder).
  3. Then cut your leftover wax and the Scent Melts into small pieces (depending on how strongly you want your candle to smell, you use more or less Scent Melts).
  4. In a heatproof container, melt the small pieces over a hot water bath.
  5. Then pour the liquid wax into the glass with the popsicle stick and leave to cool overnight.
  6. Your DIY candle is ready! :-)

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    Liebe Herzmenschen von Puremetics, IHR seid für mich die genialste beste Firma der Welt.
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