Less (plastic) waste in everyday life? The best zero waste tips for at home

Our puremetics mission is to show the world that life without plastic and unnecessary waste is possible - without compromise! For this we create 100% plastic-free products that we pack in compostable materials. But it's not just when it comes to personal hygiene that you can easily save on waste.

Those who are at the beginning of their journey to less plastic waste can quickly get the feeling, despite good intentions, that the many purchases of glass drinking bottles, metal cans, storage jars and the like are expensive investments that cannot be managed immediately. But a pioneer when it comes to saving plastic is not defined by the perfect equipment, but by the will to change something. With a little creativity and a talent for improvisation, you can get started right away and gradually settle into (your) plastic-free life. We show you 10 surprising anti-waste tricks, inexpensive and with items that you probably already have at home.

And always remember - it's the small steps that count. So stay tuned and don't forget to have fun, no master has fallen from the sky yet.

10 tricks against (plastic) waste in everyday life

  • Shoe shine anyone? Next time you eat a banana, don't throw away the peel right away, use it to wipe your shoes. Thanks to the grease they contain, smooth leather shoes shine again with a new shine after abrasion with the inside of the shell.
  • Girls' night on the couch, cocktails are a must! But how about replacing the straw with a plastic-free alternative? The Macaroni Noodle!
  • If you want to do without unnecessary plastic packaging in your daily skin and body care and still enjoy the best care, puremetics is your perfect beauty companion. All our products are packaged plastic-free and there is no plastic waste during shipping either. Of course, you will also look in vain for microplastics in our products.
  • Grandpa showed us how - instead of using normal paper handkerchiefs, you can switch back to cloth handkerchiefs. Don't worry, with regular cleaning in the washing machine, bacteria are not a problem either.
  • Did you know that conventional baking paper is covered with a thin layer of silicone so that nothing sticks? This may be very practical, but it makes disposing of used baking paper tricky. The greener alternative is a reusable baking mat. Or you brush the tray directly with oil or fat - that has the same effect.
  • For some products, it is more difficult to find an unpackaged, plastic-free alternative. But here you can give the plastic packaging, e.g. toilet paper, a second life as a garbage bag. With a few cuts and knots, the packaging can be converted into a rubbish bag in a matter of seconds (into which, of course, only rubbish that cannot otherwise be recycled ends up).
  • Has the microwave given up or is the bike broken? Find out where there is a Repair Café or a self-help workshop near you. The motto here is: lend a hand. You can repair it yourself under professional supervision, which saves money and waste.
  • Regularly clearing out the closet and the shelves is very liberating, but what you no longer like doesn't have to go straight into the garbage - sell it on, give it to the second-hand shop, visit a flea market, donate or repurpose!
  • That gives you a clear conscience and the environment thanks you - see where you have a garbage collection campaign in the near future. Together you free the earth from garbage and can exchange tips, tricks and experiences for your zero-waste lifestyle. Incidentally, it also works wonderfully for a walk on the beach on vacation or for a jog.
  • The motto is do-it-yourself! For a lot of what you need in everyday life and what often comes in plastic packaging, there are now ingeniously simple recipes to make it yourself - from washing-up liquid to tomato ketchup.

Here you can find out how to deal with rubbish and plastic on the go and when shopping.

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