February Challenge: How positive are individual vegan meals for our climate?

"I can't change anything on my own anyway." Each of us has heard this sentence at least once - and most likely said it before. Today we want to show you that this is a misconception. We don't always have to and can't be the perfect world saviors who don't make mistakes and live exemplary lives. Nonetheless, each and every one of us has the ability to do a small good deed every day. And if each of us does a little bit of good, it has a huge effect. Why not start with something that affects us every day? – Our diet.

On average, a vegan person produces 50% less CO 2 and uses 13 times less water and 18 times less on land compared to a person who eats meat. Your own CO 2 footprint is halved with a purely plant-based diet. In comparison: the CO 2 emissions from one kilogram of beef are 12.29kg , while they are 0.40kg from one kilogram of potatoes.

However, it also has a great effect if we only do without animal products at individual meals. For example, if you only make breakfast and lunch vegan, you save 1.3 tons of CO 2 annually. With a per capita consumption of 8.7 tons per year in Germany, that makes a huge difference - especially when (almost) everyone is involved.

Not everyone in our office eats vegan either. During the lunch break, we still like to conjure up something delicious made from plant products.

So grab your bike for your next purchase and pack a few new vegan products in your basket that you’ve always wanted to try anyway. How about some oven-baked vegetables or a delicious vegetable soup for the less adventurous? Tell us about your experiences. We look forward to reading from you!

We get our numbers from the book “We are the climate!” (Jonathan Safran Foer) and the documentary “Cowspiracy”, which you can find on Netflix, among other places. You can find more exciting documentaries on the subject of sustainability in our January Challenge . Just click in!

Would you like to calculate how much CO 2 emissions your meals have? Then have a look here .

This is our February Challenge! Here you will find vegan recipes to cook at home. More inspiration awaits you on our blog in the coming weeks.

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