August Challenge: How you can make the world a better place by exercising and walking

In the summer we are all drawn outside. But where there are many people, there is often a lot of waste. Of course, it is best if no waste is produced at all and, above all, if it does not end up in nature. Unfortunately, you see that far too often... In this blog post we will show you how you can easily make the world a little better and cleaner by doing sports and going for a walk.

clean up

Take a bag or bucket with you on your next trip and collect any litter that is lying around. You can either do this in a relaxed manner with a walk, or you can see it as a sport challenge. You may have heard of the term “plogging” before. This is made up of the words "plocka" (Swedish for "pick up") and "jogging". Rubbish is picked up at the same time as you jog. Because of the constant bending and lifting, even more muscles are used and nature becomes cleaner - a true win-win situation. If you like to go swimming or are out and about in a canoe, kayak or rubber dinghy, you can also clean bodies of water such as lakes or rivers. Unfortunately, an incredible amount of garbage also ends up here.

Make a challenge out of it

If you don't enjoy going it alone and picking up junk that's lying around, get some friends together. You can make a challenge out of the cleanup thing! Whoever collects the most rubbish within a set time wins a prize. Or you can turn the tables: whoever collects the least rubbish will be punished. You can decide what you enjoy more. 😉

What else you should consider

Unfortunately, you still see it far too often that stale bread is fed to ducks. What is certainly well-intentioned can have fatal consequences for the animals, because it swells up in the stomach. If the bread has just become too dry, then it can be used to make croutons instead. You can also dip bread, rolls or baguettes in water and then bake them up again. So they are almost like new again.

If you want to do something good for the bees, why not make seed bombs before your next walk. All you need is clay, potting soil, seeds and water. Of course, you can also buy them ready-made. The bees, but also other creatures, then enjoy the growing plants.

That was our August challenge! Do you want more? Here is an overview of our sustainability challenges .

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