That's why you should know our natural soaps!

Wash with salt?

Ouch!? Washing with salt sounds like a harsh cleansing and like salt crystals rubbing the skin painfully. In fact, from a chemical point of view, soaps belong to the group of substances called salts. Did you already know that?

Soaps are created through a chemical reaction that occurs when fats/oils and caustic soda are mixed together. There are basically four processes for the production of soap:

  • curd soap process
  • cold process
  • hot process
  • reflow process

Our puremetics soaps are all made with spring water in a gentle cold process at low temperatures.

This is how a soap is made from different ingredients

We only use vegetable fats to make soap. For the lengthy soaping process, the fats are mixed with caustic soda (NaOH) at low temperatures. During the chemical reaction, the fatty acids in the oils mix with the lye, neutralize each other and saponify. In addition to water, glycerin and sodium salts are formed. These sodium salts are also known as soaps.

In the soap industry, the glycerin is mainly washed out of the soap and used for other purposes. With the cold process, the glycerine remains and can develop its caring properties.

After the saponification process, nourishing oils such as castor oil, grape oil, beet cabbage oil, coconut oil or rose oil can be added.

After the soap is made, the soap is placed in a mold and left to harden. The soaps are stored until they are firm enough to be separated into individual pieces of soap using a wire.

By the way: Each of our natural soaps is as unique as you! They are boiled and packed by hand in our home country with love. Shape, color and weight can vary, but the quality always remains the same.


Our soaps

In a previous post we told you about our hair soap 'Rizinus Repair' . In this blog post we focus more on our shower, face care and hand & foot care soaps. The manufacturing process is the same for all. Nevertheless, they differ in their formulations, in the application and in the level of care.

Colorful washing fun for children

Children's skin differs from adult skin. Your own natural protective barrier has to build up over the years. Accordingly, children's skin requires special care. The alkaline children's soap 'From head to toe' helps to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms and at the same time protects against drying out thanks to the high level of superfatting with valuable oils.

Natural colorings such as beetroot, spinach and turmeric powder give the children's soap its colorful play of colours.

'Head to Toe' - This soap can be used for bathing, showering, washing hair and hands for children aged 2 and over.

shower soaps

Cheerful, fruity, fresh or rather powdery, milky, sweet and gentle? Our shower soap ' Shea Butter Lime' provides a fresh kick in the morning. This makes daily cleansing a tingling experience with protective care thanks to shea butter and various vegetable oils.

Those who prefer it softer will like the 'Oat Milk Tonka' shower soap. Thanks to the sensual fragrance, you can feel like Cleopatra in a milk bath. The oat bran it contains has a delicate peeling effect.

For that special tingling sensation

Our shower scrub soap 'Olive Mohn' promises peeling cleansing with protective care. With the 2in1 soap you save yourself a step in the bathroom and experience a tingling experience on your skin thanks to oat bran and poppy seeds.

facial soap

Our facial soaps 'wild rose' and 'apple mint' are suitable for daily cleansing and can also be used as a mask.

Our 'Wildrose' facial soap conjures up a powdery, flowery, gentle experience on your face. Noble oils such as coconut oil or rosehip oil moisturize your skin and are therefore perfect for mature and dry skin.

The face soap 'Apple Mint' makes it fruity and fresh. Our natural soap is so over-fatted that it does not dry out your skin, but moisturizes it without leaving an oily film. You soap can really be used by anyone.

Dry and sensitive skin has very special requirements. That's why our 'Hemp' facial care soap provides comfort and moisture even during the mild cleansing. Hemp oil and oat extracts have a calming and soothing effect, while licorice root has an antimicrobial effect and provides extra conditioning and smoothness.

Tired of pimples and blackheads? Then our 'Coconut Cream Seasalt' facial care soap is the best way to combat it! White clay ensures a pore-refining and matting effect during facial cleansing. Together with sea salt, it helps prevent and combat blemishes.

Application as cleaning

Foam the soap in your hands with water and gently massage the cream foam into damp skin. Then rinse thoroughly.

Application as a mask

If necessary, repeat the application 1-3 times a week after cleansing and do not rinse off the cream foam afterwards.

hand care soap

Regular hand washing is hygienic and can protect against viruses and pathogens, but it can also dry out your hands. The delicate skin on the hands becomes dry and chapped due to dyes, fragrances and chemical surfactants. This will not happen with our hand care soap 'Natron Repair' and our hand and shower care soap 'Avocado Green Tea' . The hand soaps are reduced to the essentials. They clean and care for the skin at the same time.

Foot & hand care soap

Another multi-talent: our foot and hand care soap 'Aloe Vera Mohn'. The soap cleans and exfoliates thanks to the poppy seeds and oat bran, and thanks to the superfat formulation it can be used as a mask, is rich and cares for particularly dry and stressed skin.

Away with the makeup!

A real game changer is our solid make-up remover soap ! No more disposable make-up remover wipes, cotton pads and plastic bottles. Our solid make-up remover not only removes your make-up, but also improves your complexion and is 100% natural and plastic-free. It really doesn't get any better! The contained f a rice milk also has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports cell renewal.

Shaving is great, but please without plastic!

When shaving in an environmentally friendly way, our shaving soap immediately pricks your ears. Simply lather the soap in your hands, spread the lather over your body and glide along with your razor. The soap softens your hairs so that shaving will be really fun in the future. The soap is completely plastic-free and nourishes your skin with additional valuable ingredients.


Soaps should be stored dry and air dry. It is best to use our 'Travertine Stone' soap dish or our 'Jute Soap Bag' for this purpose.

And if you can't decide which of the soaps to try first, you can try two of our face and shower soaps as well as our hair soap in our practical 'Soap Minis' test box , or order the soaps individually as a tester. :-)

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