Why you should replace these everyday items with more sustainable alternatives


Approximately 20 billion handkerchiefs are sold worldwide every year. The production of paper is very energy-intensive. Disposable paper products that are not recycled therefore have a poor ecological balance. They use a lot of wood and water. Did you know that the market share of recycled products has dropped from 75% to 46% in recent years? The recycling industry is becoming increasingly unattractive, since new production is cheaper for the industry and demand is higher. You can replace conventional handkerchiefs without much change. Just like our grandparents did, you can make the switch to reusable cloth handkerchiefs. You can even make these yourself from old sheets. But we can understand if that's not your thing. There are other more sustainable alternatives as well. For home you can buy handkerchiefs in the box made from recycled material. Look out for seals such as the Blue Angel. But there is also a solution for on the go: You can also buy unpackaged handkerchiefs made from recycled material or bamboo and transport them in a storage box of your choice.


75% of the candles sold in Germany consist of paraffin, which is extracted from petroleum. It is no longer a secret that this has catastrophic effects on our environment. Because forests are cleared for the extraction of oil and burning it releases huge amounts of CO 2 . It also gets into our water bodies in large quantities. Did you know that an average of 100,000 tons of oil leaks into the sea every year? This destroys entire ecosystems and has deadly consequences for living beings. A more eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles are beeswax candles. However, this is only available to a limited extent and is also not vegan. 150,000 bees have to work for 1kg of wax! The average per capita consumption of candles in Germany in 2016 was 2.4 kg. A better alternative are soy wax candles. These are more sustainable and vegan. Soy wax is of plant origin, consists of a renewable raw material and is biodegradable.


Kettles are standard equipment in most kitchens. But some are really tough: In some cases, up to 30,000 microplastic particles per milliliter of water are released in plastic kettles per run. We absorb this microplastic ourselves and it also made it back into nature. Did you know that people ingest up to five grams of microplastics per week? This corresponds to the weight of a credit card. There are no completely plastic-free electric kettles, as metal conducts electricity and heat needs to be insulated. However, there are kettles whose interior is free of plastic and therefore no microplastics are released here. With a kettle you can avoid the plastic problem completely, because you can find them made of metal or ceramic, for example. Sometimes they are also built with wood so that the handle does not get quite as hot. But: Sometimes boiling water on the stove is more energy-intensive. An electric stove, for example, takes longer and uses more energy than a kettle. Boiling water on a gas stove is almost as quick and cheaper than an electric stove. Cooking on an induction cooker is just as quick, it uses relatively little energy, but these hearts are expensive to buy. You should weigh up which type you prefer depending on the amount of water you need.

room scent

Conventional room fragrances often contain synthetic fragrances, some of which trigger allergies. It can cause skin irritation or, if inhaled, cause headaches, nausea, or even respiratory irritation. There is no obligation to declare room fragrances. Consumers therefore rarely have the opportunity to find out about the ingredients. You can also easily create room fragrances yourself from just a few natural ingredients.

incense sticks

For this room fragrance you only need an old glass container that is as narrow as possible at the top, kebab skewers and the following ingredients:

  • 80ml alcohol
  • 10ml glycerin
  • Essential oil of your choice

You can choose the oil according to the desired effect: bergamot, for example, is invigorating, lavender is calming and cinnamon provides a Christmas feeling.

scented sachet

For a subtle scent in the closet or under the pillow, you can fill the scented sachets yourself. Lavender, lemon balm or rose are also suitable here. These have a relaxing effect and help with insomnia. Lemongrass or orange, on the other hand, are mood-enhancing.

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