Stay hydrated! But from the tube instead of the bottle

Imagine: Corona is over, you can finally meet up with your friends in the park again. 36°C in the shade and you play Frisbee together. Completely dehydrated, you reach for the bottle. Is it mineral water or the more sustainable option tap water?

facts and figures

  • 1.9 million disposable plastic bottles are used every hour in Germany
  • Around 200 single-use plastic bottles are used per person per year
  • That corresponds to 16.6 billion plastic bottles a year in Germany alone
  • When placed on top of each other, the crowd reaches almost 15 times from the earth to the moon
  • Disposable plastic bottles are the dominant packaging material for drinks

The majority of single-use plastic bottles are still made from virgin material rather than recycled plastic. 480,000 tons of crude oil are used for production. Then there are the emissions caused by the long transport of the plastic bottles. Bottled water is 90 to 1,000 times more polluting than tap water.

Drinking tap water from reusable bottles, such as metal or glass bottles, reduces the use of resources and thus protects the environment and your wallet. Because bottled water in disposable or reusable bottles is many times more expensive than water from the tap.

Cheapest still mineral water from the supermarket: 13 cents/litre
Tap water: 0.2 cents/litre
That means: Bottled water is around 65 times more expensive than tap water! Incredible, is not it?

Other reasons that speak for tap water:

1. Pollutants:

Many people prefer to drink bottled water because of concerns about contaminated tap water. But what is often completely unknown is that the guidelines of the German Drinking Water Ordinance are more strictly regulated than those for mineral water. Limit values ​​have been set for microbiological, chemical and physical parameters that follow WHO guidelines. Mineral water is tested for fewer pollutants than tap water.

2. Wastewater:

The myth that tap water only consists of treated wastewater persists. 64 percent of tap water comes from groundwater, 27 percent from surface water and 9 percent from spring water. However, before this water is available to us as drinking water, it is first treated using various processes. Only under certain circumstances can it be the case that waste water is cleaned and disinfected with chlorine and used for drinking water treatment.

3. Minerals:

Surely you also know mineral water that seems to be particularly rich in valuable minerals, at least that's what they advertise. However, the human body cannot absorb all the minerals from the water into the organism. In Europe, the supply of minerals is largely covered by nutrition (potatoes, lettuce, spinach, etc.).

4. Microplastics from plastic bottles:

PET bottles are made from crude oil using a lot of energy. They are always suspected of releasing harmful substances, such as hormone-like substances and plasticizers, into the water.

5. Simply more convenient:

Does it get any more convenient than drinking straight from the tap? Not really, right? No more carrying crates, red hands and moaning on upper floors. There is also no need to take away the hassle of returnable bottles.

Tap water - do I need a filter?

The consumer center advises against a water filter for hygienic reasons. If the filter is left in the water for too long, the drinking water can become perishable and germs develop more quickly. If you still want to use a table filter, follow the instructions and replace the cartridge and filter regularly. The table water filter should also be kept in the refrigerator to prevent contamination.

Our conclusion:

In Germany, we get high-quality water straight from the tap – what a luxury! Why not use it much more often? Hence our tip: In order to protect the climate, the environment and your wallet, often reach for the reusable bottle in the cupboard and fill it with tap water. Lemon, cucumber and orange slices, blueberries, mint leaves and sprigs of rosemary provide the perfect kick! If you like it sparkling, you can try out great water bubble options.

Well, also convinced?


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