How long does food really last and how to refresh it

How long does food last?

The best before date (MHD) indicates the point in time up to which the food does not change its properties such as smell or taste if it is stored correctly. This is not to be confused with the use-by date: This is given when it comes to perishable food that can pose a health risk after a short time. However, there is no need to worry about this with the best-before date if the products are unopened. Once opened, oxygen, moisture and microorganisms can cause the food to spoil. However, if the product is still sealed and stored correctly, it often lasts long beyond the best-before date. Tests by Greenpeace magazine showed that tofu only expired about 182 days after the best-before date. It was 84 days for eggs, 56 days for cheese and even 270 days for plain yoghurt! So: food that has exceeded its MDH does not have to go straight into the garbage. But you should still always pay attention to the look and smell to be on the safe side.

This is how you can freshen up groceries

Some foods aren't bad yet, but they don't look so edible anymore. Again, not everything has to go straight into the trash. You can refresh groceries easily. You can simply moisten hard bread, baguettes or rolls with water and bake them in the oven again. Wilted lettuce will become crisp again if you soak it in lukewarm water for a few minutes. Carrots or radishes will become crunchy again if you put them in a glass of water in the fridge overnight. Even soft tomatoes will firm up again if you put them in cold water for a few minutes. You can also pimp up food that has already been cooked: noodles or rice from the day before, for example, taste really delicious when fried. Frozen grapes or banana slices with cinnamon sugar are perfect as a summer snack. In general, very ripe fruit is good for smoothies as it is usually much sweeter by nature. Do you have any other tips on how to use up such foods? Please let us know!

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