This is how you celebrate an environmentally friendly carnival

Alaaf, Helau or Alleh Hop! The fifth season has begun - like every year, carnival is celebrated again. That means a lot of fun and crazy, but unfortunately also a lot of junk. We'll show you how to celebrate the foolish days in a more environmentally friendly way.


Of course, the right disguise is also part of the carnival. Cheap costumes are often used here because "I'll never wear that again anyway"... Then look around for a costume rental. So you can decorate yourself with different costumes every day, every year. You could also make your own costume. Maybe you have a knack for needlework and can sew your disguise out of old clothes. If you're not a big fan of fancy costumes anyway, just dress up in all black and go robbery or use your make-up skills for a cool look.


Be honest: How often do you use the carnival make-up outside of the foolish days? Just share them with your friends. This not only saves you money, but also waste. The same goes for disguises, of course. Or you try to get the best out of your everyday makeup.

Rubbish belongs in the rubbish bin

Unfortunately, you see it far too often: rubbish on the street. This obviously belongs in a trash can. Additional bins are usually set up for such events. It would even be best to take the rubbish home with you and dispose of it properly there. On Instagram you will find a Plastic Friday post from us on the topic of proper waste separation .

avoid waste

It is even better if waste is not created in the first place. Avoid single-use cutlery. Bring your own reusable cup for on the go, eat finger food or in a restaurant from a normal plate. If you're throwing your own party, don't buy anything unnecessarily packaged. If there is no other way, then at least use organic cups made from alternative plastic material. Sugar cane fiber cups, for example, are recyclable and compostable.

collect camels

If you like going to parades and collecting camels, then take a cloth bag with you. So you not only save plastic, but also nerves. How often do plastic bags tear?! That doesn't happen so quickly with a cloth bag.

What do you like most about carnival? Or are you not a jerk at all? We wish you lots of fun celebrating!

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