November Challenge: Sustainable Christmas gifts

As the saying goes? The early bird catches the worm... Are you already in the middle of planning for Christmas? In this blog post, we give you 7 tips on how to make Christmas gifts for your loved ones more sustainable this year.

1. Ask for a wish list

Sure, surprises are nice and exciting. And if you have the perfect idea, that's great too - but what if not? It's no use if the recipient has no use for the gift and it just lies around at home, because that's not sustainable. So don't be afraid to ask your loved ones for a wish list. Do you know sites like wishsite or wishly ? Here you can create a wish list online and reserve gifts - so there is no risk of something being duplicated.

2. Giving gifts that you have made yourself

There is a lot of love and time in homemade gifts - who doesn't appreciate this kind of appreciation? There are many different options open to you here: Maybe you are talented and can paint or do something beautiful. Or have you ever tried to sew something? How about, for example, reusable pads or an embroidered cotton bag? The motifs can be designed individually and the bags are truly unique. Or you can create your own cookbook with recipes that suit the taste of the recipient. Then you can cook something together. If your loved ones are beauty junkies, you can also try your hand at DIY cosmetics. Here, for example, we showed how to make bath bombs yourself - perfect for the cold days. And last but not least, a true classic that (almost) everyone is happy about: homemade cookies!

3. Experience Gifts

It doesn't always have to be something physical. Often it is even nicer to give time. After all, there is hardly anything better than making memories together. Here, too, you can decide individually what will bring your loved ones the most joy. A meal together, a short trip or maybe a day in the Jumphouse or Escape Room. Take a look around to see what's on offer in your area.

4. A zero waste starter kit

Do you have friends who are currently in the process of making their lives more sustainable? You can easily support them by putting together a small set to get them started. This could include, for example, fruit and vegetable nets, a nice water bottle and lunch box, or reusable pads.

5. Gift Exchange

It's not for everyone, but maybe you and your loved ones like the idea: Why not just give away things that you no longer need yourself? The whole thing should not necessarily be thought of as "junk elves". Maybe you have things lying around at home that you have no use for. But for your loved ones it might just be the right thing. What speaks against simply giving it away? Right - nothing.

6. Wrap gifts sustainably

To ensure that your gifts are sustainable, there are a few things to consider when it comes to packaging. Conventional wrapping paper is often coated and therefore cannot be disposed of with waste paper. More sustainable options include wrapping paper made from recycled waste paper or old newspapers. Or you pack your gifts in beautiful boxes that the recipient can use later. Gift bags and boxes can of course also be given away every year, they don't break so easily. Or you wrap gifts in another gift: For example, your self-written cookbook in an apron.

7. Give away puremetics products

Well, and the best comes last... 😉 Of course, puremetics products are also a nice sustainable gift. Our entire range is 100% plastic-free and vegan. Of course, we do not use ingredients that harm you and the environment. Our products are limited to the essentials, but anything but boring! Convince yourself now and visit us in the shop . We look forward to you!

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