June Challenge: What are "sense influencers" and why should you definitely become one of them?

Meaning influencers are influencers who create (more) meaning. Topics related to sustainability, but also politics and society, are increasingly being discussed on social media. With their work, the Sinnfluencers want to create added value for their listeners, inspire and motivate them to also deal with these topics. They bring their mindset closer to their environment and thus set an example.

When Sinnfluencer have an Instagram account, they try to build up as much reach as possible. They turn their backs on the “perfect Insta world” and focus on authenticity. Because the most important thing about a Sinnfluencer is its credibility. Only in this way can meaning be created. When we trust other people, we care about their opinions and are willing to engage with issues they are discussing. We attribute a certain level of expertise to them. You probably know that from your personal environment.

And that's exactly what it's all about: Not only Instagram influencers can change something. For example, if you are interested in the topics of sustainability and mindfulness and that plays a big role in your life, then talk about it with your family and friends. Tell them what is important to you, what you want to change and why. Give them tips, advise them and make sure that your mindset is carried into the world. Always be honest with your surroundings - because that is known to last the longest. If we do that, we are meaning influencers. Each one of us moves something and this creates a certain “volume” together.

So this is our June challenge: become a meaning influencer. Talk to those around you about what you want to change and create added value for people. Maybe someone really wanted to switch to vegan, plastic-free cosmetics? We know someone there. 😉 But joking aside: It is important to use the influence we have on our environment sensibly. Of course, we bear a responsibility and must never abuse our reach. It is very important not to speak with a raised finger. None of us are perfect and even small changes in our lives make a big difference. So you can also develop together with your environment and that's even nicer, isn't it?

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