Five film recommendations on the subject of sustainability

Obtaining information on the topic of sustainability can sometimes be quite time-consuming and sluggish. Reading facts and impacts is sometimes not enough to understand the severity of, for example, coral bleaching. Fortunately, there are enough documentaries, films and series that deal with this topic and make the extent clearer with impressive pictures. Because a picture says more than a thousand words.

We have five film recommendations for you that deal with climate change, its causes and social consumption. They show how every consumer has an influence on how our world will continue and what political steps are necessary.

fun fact:

  • 22.7 million Germans use streaming subscriptions
  • 1.9 million Germans stream illegally
  • Netflix and chill? No way: Only 39 percent of Germans stream with their partner: In - 48 percent stream alone
  • By far the most watched documentary series in the world during the Corona lockdown was “Tiger King”

1. Recommendation:


My life on our planet - David Attenborough

David Attenborough is a British naturalist and wildlife filmmaker. According to population polls, he is more popular than the Queen. Attenborough only turned 95 in May 2021. He became known and popular through his nature documentaries for the BBC. He has been traveling around the world for around 60 years, dealing intensively with the animal and plant world and taking his viewers with him. He is committed to combating climate change. In "My Life on Our Planet" Attenborough looks back on his travels and impressions and the many places he visited and reflects on the extent of climate change on our planet. Impressive and disturbing at the same time, the changes in the environment can be seen during just a single lifetime on Earth.

2. Recommendation:


Plastic planet

bpb - The director Werner Boote gets to the bottom of the consequences of plastic in an investigative documentary and uncovers astonishing connections. The ironic thing is that in the 1960s his grandfather was himself the managing director of the German Interplastik works. During his research, he travels the world and asks scientists and speakers in the plastics industry important and uncomfortable questions. The documentary can be found on the website of the Federal Agency for Civic Education .

3. Recommendation:

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Game Changers

Netflix - UFC martial artist James Wilks injured both knees while training and has at least six months of recovery ahead of him, according to Doctors:Inner. With his newfound time, he researches rehabilitation measures and stumbles across a study that found that a majority of Roman gladiators ate a plant-based diet. For him it was inconceivable that such high-priced and respected fighters as Roman gladiators would have eaten mainly plants. Since this spoke against his previous knowledge of nutrition, he went on to investigate the matter more closely.

Part of the documentation are interviews with one of the strongest men in the world and many other high-performance athletes, all of whom can feel a great benefit from the change in diet. Former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger also switched to a vegetarian diet and shares his experiences. The tests carried out with football players and the effect of meat consumption on the fat content in the blood as well as analyzes with athletes that compare the erectile function after a meat-based and a plant-based meal are exciting to see. Also impressive is a training partner of Wilks, who is about 60 years old but outperforms the men who consume meat in training.

4. Recommendation:


The Green Lie

Amazon Prime - In 'The Green Lie', film director Werner Boote and journalist Kathrin Hartmann investigate how large corporations cultivate their image. To find out how these companies operate greenwashing, they talk to indigenous people, those affected and those responsible. In contrast to her colleague, Kathrin Hartmann knows the tricks of the trade very well and makes it clear to him, for example in the supermarket, that there is palm oil in every second product and that the rainforest has to suffer for it. Together they go on a journey and find out what is really behind the green sustainability labels.

5. Recommendation:


Chasing Coral

Netflix - The impact of climate change on corals is made clear with impressive footage and time-lapse footage. With the help of the makers of the documentary 'Chasing Ice', divers, scientists and photographers are filming the climate-related death of coral reefs. This project presents those involved with a major task and hurdles that require creative solutions.

The coral bleaching that ends with the coral dying and also seeing fluorescent corals is impressive. Knowing that global warming is having an effect on corals and seeing it happen in a short period of time makes the problem even clearer.

Half of all tropical coral reefs have disappeared in the last 100 years.

Our tip:

Even if the title of the movie or series doesn't sound inviting, you might still want to check out the trailer for it. Sometimes the most exciting reports lie dormant behind the most unspectacular titles. Documentaries can help you relax, especially after a long day at work, but they can also provide interesting facts. Don't do anything but listen, it doesn't get any better than that.

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