Festival feeling at home

Unfortunately, the festival season is canceled this year. Does that make you as sad as us? Then watch out: In this blog post we would like to show you how you can easily bring the festival feeling to your home.

You can't get in without a ticket!

Many of us like to keep festival tickets so that we can reminisce later. How sad would it be if you didn't have a ticket to your own festival? So when you have a free minute, sit down and do some tinkering. Since the ban on contact has been relaxed, you can then also distribute the tickets to your friends, who should definitely celebrate with you. Because you can't get into your festival without a ticket! 😋 You don't want to print a ticket on paper? Even in digital form, it remains a nice memory - and then you can't (almost) lose it.

Have you even been to a festival if you don't wear a wristband afterwards?

It simply goes with it: the festival wristband. Some of us still wear the colorful ribbons years later, for others they end up in the souvenir box or maybe in the garbage. The good thing about your own festival wristband? You can design it exactly according to your ideas and your taste. Do you remember how to make friendship bracelets from your childhood? It wasn't that difficult, you could say it's child's play.😉 You can also find lots of instructions on how to make bracelets on YouTube.

The perfect festival look ensures the right vibes

We think at every festival the outfit has to be one thing in the first place: comfortable! But of course, if it looks good in photos, we don't say no either. Have you ever tried making your own tie-dye shirt? This also works really well with natural dyes made from beetroot, turmeric or an avocado seed. You can also upcycle an old t-shirt - win-win situation!

In order for the look to be complete, the right makeup is still missing. That screams glitter! Unfortunately, in most cases, glitter consists of small plastic particles and is therefore not biodegradable. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly alternatives! At our friends from NatureGlitz you will find glitter made from renewable, natural, plant-based products such as cellulose. That really makes your eyes (and all that makeup) sparkle, right? Pssssst: There is currently a competition running on Instagram at @puremetics and @nature_glitz . 🤫

© NatureGlitz

Will the campsite become a 5-star hotel?

Real festival-goers know it: a sore back from the much too thin air mattress and greasy hair. If you bring a festival to your home, you can of course avoid it if you want to. For some of us, that's kind of part of it. Here we have a challenge for you: turn the water pressure all the way down in the shower and shower within two minutes! Or you can simply grab the garden hose. If you don't have a garden, balcony or the necessary space in the living room for camping, then build yourself a cave under the dining table or sofa like in the good old days. If things get too uncomfortable, the bed and the warm shower are fortunately not far away. 😉

And what now replaces the concerts?

Unfortunately, nothing can replace such a live concert. Only videos of the live performances of your favorite artists or your favorite playlist can help to alleviate this pain at least a little. But hey, the anticipation for the next real concert is all the greater!

Yes, nothing can replace a real festival. But with the right people and a certain know-how, a festival at home can also be unforgettable. And let's see it this way: It's guaranteed to be better than the Fire Festival. 😉 You really want to organize your own festival now? Share your experiences with us! We would be very happy.

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