How does shampoo powder actually work?

huh Shampoo as a powder? Yes, exactly! And it has nothing to do with the commonly known dry shampoo as we know it. Shampoo in powder form works like conventional shampoo and is used like liquid shampoo for wet hair washing.

How is the shampoo used?

If you want to use the shampoo without preparation and as a powder, then rub a pinch between your hands so that there are no more lumps and then massage it into your wet hair and scalp as usual until everything foams up well. The shampoo powder is a real foam party for your hair ;-). It is important that you then rinse your hair well to avoid residue.

You like the handling of liquid shampoo better and you want to leave it at that?

No problem! All you have to do is mix the powder with some water. You can now find out how to do it step by step and what you also need:

Prepare the following utensils: shampoo powder , bowl, hot water, whisk, spoon and any container for the mixed shampoo.

Using the whisk, stir the entire contents of the sachet into 150ml of hot water until the powder is well dissolved (hot water prevents lumps from forming).

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Now let your brew cool down for about 10 minutes. You can then pour it into a container of your choice, such as a soap dispenser or an old shampoo bottle.

Your liquid shampoo is ready! :)

Depending on the hardness of the water and the nature of the lime, which can vary from place to place, the shampoo becomes more liquid or solid.

And what is the best way to store my shampoo?

The shampoo powder is best stored in a dark and dry place. Once mixed, the liquid shampoo can be kept for about four weeks.

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But why shampoo powder and not direct liquid shampoo from the drugstore?

Quite simply, because our shampoo powder consists of 100% harmless ingredients. No microplastics, no parabens, paraffins or sulfates or other disruptive substances that could pollute you or the environment. With our shampoo powder, nature screams "Woo-hoo!" Plastic bottles are also avoided, which only allow our mountains of rubbish to grow unnecessarily. Once the contents have been completely emptied, you can simply dispose of the cardboard packaging in the waste paper so that it can be fully recycled.
But when it comes to quantity, the shampoo powder is in no way inferior to conventional shampoos! In liquid form, it also becomes 200ml and the shampoo lasts for a few weeks.

If you're impressed now, but not 100% convinced yet - here are four more reasons for the ingredients that will definitely convince you to only use shampoo powder in the future!

  1. The natural surfactant from coconut oil enables the product to be evenly distributed when showering and has a cleaning effect
  2. Shea butter, on the other hand, nourishes your skin and keeps it in top condition
  3. Cornstarch provides sufficient moisture and a frosted look
  4. The different oils are simply great when it comes to smoothing and suppleness of the skin. They also give the skin and hair the desired scent, which inhibits your own unwanted odors.

Would you like to convince yourself? The shampoo powder is available in five different fragrances - so there is something for everyone! In addition, it is completely harmless for our skin and our beautiful world, which we should definitely pay attention to. :)

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