How do I find my skin type and how do I care for it properly?

When someone asks us about our skin type, we often fuss. Almost like our dress size. Greasy? Never! combination skin? I do not think so. Sensitive? Sure, but we have them all.

A lot depends on the knowledge about our skin, which is why we should not downplay the topic any further! The wrong care can also damage our skin and not care for it as hoped.

What skin types are there?

- Normal skin
- Dry skin
- Sensible skin
- Oily skin
- Combination skin

The condition of your skin can change over the course of a lifetime. Internal and external factors such as the seasons, environmental influences, diet, illnesses or changes in the hormonal balance, puberty, pregnancy, hormonal contraception, menopause and psychological stress can all contribute to a changed complexion.

How do I find my skin type?

Very easily! First, wash your face with lukewarm water or a gentle cleanser. Then you wait an hour. It is very important that you do not apply any care products now, but let your face rest for an hour!
Once the time has passed, take a close look at your skin:

  • Your skin shows no abnormalities and looks fresh: Normal skin.
  • Your expression lines have increased: Dry skin.
  • Your skin is red in various places: Sensitive skin.
  • Your skin is very oily: Oily skin.
  • The middle of your face is oily and the sides are dry: combination skin.

The different skin types and their needs:

Normal skin:

The ideal case is normal skin. Your skin appears soft, fine-pored and not sensitive to environmental influences. It has a balanced sebum and moisture balance and a functioning regeneration rate. It often appears rosy and fresh because it has good blood circulation.

Mild cleansing and light moisturizing care is ideal for this skin type. In order to keep your skin in good condition, you should eat a diet low in fat and sugar.

Are you still missing the perfect cleaning? Our facial care soaps 'wild rose' and 'apple mint' are ideal for daily facial cleansing! You want more? Then take a look at our peel-off masks 'Ginko Green Tea' and 'Coconut Vanilla' . Your skin will love it!

Dry skin:

You can recognize dry skin by the fact that it has a cracked, scaly and/or fine-pored surface. It is often rough and causes itching. It also reacts quickly to external influences such as cold or heat. The causes of dry skin can be age or predisposition, but also frequent alcohol consumption, poor nutrition or dry heating air.

This skin type has low skin elasticity, which contributes to the formation of wrinkles. But the good thing is that dry skin has finer pores and pimples therefore only have a small chance of growing.

Dry skin needs a lot of care. You should be careful not to strip the skin of even more moisture when you cleanse it. Moisturizing, moisturizing creams and lotions are perfect for this skin type.

Our "Hemp" facial soap is ideal for daily facial cleansing. It ensures that your skin gets enough moisture and relieves feelings of tension.

What will definitely also take good care of your skin is the "Hyaluron " facial care serum, which provides intensive moisture throughout the day.

Or do you already know our Hyaluron peel-off mask ? It is perfect for tired, dry and dehydrated facial skin.

Sensible skin:

Sensitive and dry skin have a fluid border to each other. Sensitive skin feels tight and itchy, irritated and red, or all at the same time. When your skin is too dry, it also becomes sensitive. Sensitive skin often lacks important fatty acids. You may also develop allergies or suffer from skin diseases such as couperose, neurodermatitis or rosacea.

To avoid irritation, with this skin type you should make sure that your face is cleaned mildly and not too often. Moisturizers can soothe irritation and restore the skin barrier. Your care products should not contain unnecessary and irritating dyes or fragrances and generally avoid harsh ingredients and harsh peelings.

Try our "Sensitive little" facial care oil . This is suitable for care and cleaning and as a make-up remover. A real all-rounder.

Oily skin:

We speak of oily skin when it is constantly shiny, has widened pores and is prone to breakouts. It occurs when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum and thus clog the pores. Unfortunately, this favors the formation of pimples and blackheads.

Oily skin is more prone to breakouts. Impure skin sometimes looks a bit pale because it has poor blood circulation. It can be hormonal, caused by alcohol and psychological stress, or a side effect of a disease. The good thing is that oily skin doesn't wrinkle as easily.

Even if your skin is oily, it still needs moisture. For example, aloe vera provides a lot of moisture without being greasy. You can also use herbal active ingredients for your skin care, which have a calming and antibacterial effect to prevent inflammatory pimples.

The "Coconut Ceam Seasalt" facial care soap is ideal for very oily skin that is prone to impurities. The cleansing has a matting effect and is perfect if your skin is prone to annoying pimples.

Avoid harsh cleansers as they stimulate sebum production even more.

combination skin:

If you thought every description applied to you, then you probably tend to have combination skin. Skin types can also combine, for example dry and oily skin. The face is greasy in the T-zone, i.e. on the forehead, nose and chin, and dry on the cheeks. This is because the T-zone has more oil-producing sebum glands than the cheeks. Pimples and blackheads can also occur here because the sebum clogs the pores.

With combination skin, the dry skin areas on the cheeks need a lot of moisturizing care. Oily skin in the T-zone, on the other hand, needs soothing and antibacterial care. Keep your skin well-moisturized and cleansed well to prevent breakouts.

Use products specifically for combination skin, or different products tailored to different skin areas.

Seen? Our Peel-Off Mask Spirulina is perfect for this skin type.

This applies to every skin type:

💚 Use sunscreen. And yes, not only in midsummer! ;-) The UV radiation makes your skin tan attractively, but also causes it to dry out and age.

💚 Avoid long and frequent showers and use pH-neutral shower gels if possible. Do you already know our 3in1 shower fluffs and our shower soaps ? All have a neutral pH value, care for the skin and smell irresistible.

💚 Water that is too hot or too cold can also dry out the skin.

💚 Use moisturizing creams, lotions or oils.

💚 Pay attention to well-tolerated and mild products.

💚 Classic products that every skin type tolerates are our "Cucumber-Orange" facial care tonic. This prepares your skin for further care products after cleaning and regulates the pH value of the skin.

💚 Or do you already know our beauty all-rounder "rose water "? You can use it for cleaning as well as for care and protection.

💚 Our solid make-up remover 'rice milk' is ideal for thoroughly and gently cleaning your make-up . The soap moisturizes and regulates sebum production.

💚 So that the skin can absorb the soap foam even better, it is best to use one of our Konjac sponges . The gentle texture is ideal for facial cleansing. At the same time, fine pores effectively remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation.

💚 A balanced and healthy diet also plays an important role in our complexion.

💚 Drink enough water and get out in the fresh air often enough.

💚 Smoking, frequent alcohol consumption and stress also make the skin look worse.

💚 And the best for last: Pay attention to regular, good and sufficient sleep.

If you are still unsure what skin type you have or which products are right for you, then try our soap minis 'face and hand care' .

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