Sensible skin? These products help!

Redness, rash, dandruff, swelling, itching, tightness, burning, stinging or roughness? Does everything look familiar? Then you probably suffer from sensitive skin.

The search for the right products can often be quite frustrating. But now it's over, because in our 'sensitive' family we completely do without fragrances, essential oils and allergens. This makes them particularly suitable for your sensitive skin.

What does sensitive family mean?

Our sensitive little family includes products from head to toe that do without any fuss. As a result, they are particularly gentle on the skin and care for it without creating the usual unpleasant tension.

3in1 shower fluff:

Gone are the days when numerous bottles, cans and jars covered the edge of your bathtub or shower cubicle. Our popular 3in1 'Sensitive little' fluff replaces them all, as it directly combines shower gel, body lotion and peeling.

As simple as it is ingenious: Just take a small amount before showering or pour the contents into another container (e.g. an old jam jar or an old Tupperware tin) and off you go! Fine coconut oil intensively moisturizes your skin and gently exfoliates it with sugar pearls.

Shower gel powder:

Exfoliation not your thing? Then our 'Sensitive Little' shower gel powder is just right for you. In a matter of seconds you can mix your own liquid shower gel or shower mousse and experience all the nourishing properties of almond oil, shea butter and coconut oil in combination. The best? Small package, big effect. The shower gel is very economical and will give you pleasure for a long time.

Shampoo powder:

Now all you need for the shower is a shampoo. This is where our 'Sensitive Little' shampoo powder comes into play. Like the shower gel, you can also mix the shampoo to liquid shampoo yourself in a matter of seconds. It gives your hair a lot of freshness and cleans it very gently. Macadamia butter, oat oil and shea butter provide intensive care and soothe the scalp.

Body and face care oil:

For the extra portion of moisture we have developed our oils, which give your skin a lot of suppleness . The light texture is quickly absorbed and yet intensively cares for the skin.

Our 'Sensitive little' face care oil with real tonka beans not only moisturizes, but is also ideal as a cleanser and make-up remover. A real all-rounder.

Our body care oil 'Sensitive Little' has a barrier-enhancing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory effect and protects the cell membranes. It should be applied to damp skin if possible. This is how an emulsion is formed and the oil is absorbed faster and deeper. The unwanted greasy film also stays away. Simple, isn't it?

dry shampoo:

Did you get up late in the morning and didn't have time to wash your hair? Then you will find the dry shampoo 'Sensitive' for light, brunette, dark and red hair. A mix of baking soda and corn starch degreases your hair without harmful gases. Of course, all dry shampoos are also available as a practical refill pack with a matching tinplate refill shaker.

And it's that easy:
1. Put some powder on the palm of your hand
2. Tousle and comb through hair well
3. Look forward to your hair almost freshly washed and start the day

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