Shower fluffs - our all-rounders!

shower what? Shower fluff! Our all-rounders for showering and bathing. Our 3in1 products combine shower gel, peeling and body lotion in one. Wow! You can find out everything you need to know about our fluffy & sustainable product here!

The sugar and salt particles rid your body of dead skin cells and irritants, the mild, plant-based surfactants ensure nourishing cleansing and the coconut oil moisturizes your skin while you are showering, which is why creaming after showering/bathing is a thing of the past.
There's only one thing left to say: "Bye, bye shower gel, body lotion and peeling! Hello 3in1 shower fluff!"

Our 3in1 shower fluffs clean, care for and make daily washing an experience. A true win-win-win situation.

Which variety for which skin type?

For normal to oily skin:

  • Lime (fruity, tangy)
  • Vibrant Seasalt (distinctive, fresh, creamy, warm)
  • Fig Jasmine (sweet, fresh, floral)

For dry and sensitive skin:

  • Almond milk (sweet, milky, smooth)
  • Sea of ​​flowers (flowery, sweet)
  • Cotton (soft, like freshly washed laundry)

What about sensitive skin types?

Our solution:

  • The 2in1 shower fluff "sensitive"

The shower fluff also combines shower gel and body lotion in one product! The special feature: It is without peeling and without fragrances and is therefore ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

the consistency

Our shower fluffs are not classic shower gels or scrubs. No, better! They have a fluffy whipped consistency. However, the consistency can vary depending on the peeling particle. Shower fluffs with sea salt particles are a bit firmer than those with sugar particles.


Massage your fluff into wet skin, enjoy the scent and the fine peeling, then rinse it off thoroughly with water. Complete! Your skin is beautifully supple after a shower/bath. What about creaming? No longer necessary, your skin is now moisturized.

­ cardboard and water? Mmmm...

So that the packaging can be recycled and disposed of with waste paper, it is made of 100% paper. It is therefore best to transfer your fluff into another container (jam jar, old shampoo bottle, etc.) or take a portion out before showering/bathing.


The packaging, which is made of 100% cardboard, can be disposed of with waste paper. In case of contamination, however, the kraft cardboard should be disposed of with the residual waste.

fragrance experience

When used in the shower, cleaning becomes a true fragrance experience. From sparkling, fresh, flowery - everything is included. Those who prefer it floral and sweet will love almond milk and a sea of ​​flowers . Lime is sparkling and fresh and Vibrant Seasalt has a fresh and distinctive scent. These two shower fluffs are therefore particularly popular with our male customers.Fig jasmine smells fresh and flowery at the same time. What must not be missing from the shower fluff is the scent of fresh laundry that Cotton gives us.


If you would like to test yourself through the different fragrances, you can try the tester set from head to toe . In addition to a soap dish made of travertine stone , ten reusable cotton pads and our test box 'soap minis', it also contains a tester for all seven shower fluffs.

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  • Chris (puremetics)

    Liebe Petra,
    die 2in1 Dusch-Fluffs führen wir nicht mehr. Ich kann dir aber unsere Duschgel-Pulver empfehlen. Diese haben wir ebenfalls in der Sorte “Sensibelchen” also ohne Duftstoffe und Allergene. Die Duschgel-Pulver können auch als Mousse angerührt werden, sodass eine sehr ähnliche Konsistenz und Anwendung zu den 2in1 Dusch-Fluffs erreicht wird :)
    Liebe Grüße

  • Petra Peterson

    meine Freundin (die mir ein Geschenk von Dusch Fluff Sensibelchen 2in1 machte) hat Neurodermitis und darf kein Peeling machen, suche krampfhaft nach 2in1 (also OHNE Peeling) für sie als Geschenk – gibt es das noch? Konnte leider nichts finden? Auch ich selbst hätte gerne wieder etwas ohne Peeling. Vielen Dank

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