Hair soap or solid shampoo? We'll tell you the difference!

You've often asked us: What is the difference between hair soap and solid shampoo? Isn't hair soap just a solid shampoo? The answer is very clear: NO!

hair soap

As the name suggests, hair soap is boiled soap consisting of the basic ingredients fat and lye. Different combinations of oils determine the care level of the hair soap. Unfortunately, so-called "lime soap" can form in very calcareous water, resulting in stringy residue. But there's a very simple fix for that: an acidic rinse . This consists of water and apple cider vinegar and closes the cuticle again. So it acts like a light conditioner. This way the hair doesn't become as frizzy, but softer and easier to comb.

However, your hair first has to get used to the hair soap . They're probably used to the silicone found in conventional shampoos, which form an impermeable layer on the scalp. Hair soap gradually removes this layer. However, this often only leads to increased greasing of the scalp and duller, duller hair. However, once your hair has gotten used to the hair soap, it will be more manageable, voluminous and shiny. And: It now does it all by itself, without any burdensome silicones.

Take a look at our "Castor Repair" hair soap with valuable castor oil!

Solid shampoo

Solid shampoo is simply put a "normal" shampoo that has been drained. It has the classic ingredients of a conventional shampoo. In contrast to hair soap, it is not boiled, but only stirred and pressed into shape.

Solid shampoo is particularly suitable for people who live in regions with very hard water and do not want to do without the foam when shampooing. In addition to solid shampoos, there is also shampoo powder, which also saves a lot of packaging waste.

With us you will find shampoo powder in six different versions for different needs. You can easily mix the powder for washing your hair. Feel free to click in!

Whether you like hair soap or solid shampoo better is entirely your decision. They both have one advantage: They are packaging-free and last many hair washes.

You should always make sure that you store the products dry so that they do not become mushy and dissolve into their components. Air-permeable soap bags are perfect for this. We recommend a metal box for on the go.

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