DIY liquid soap

Washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of infection by 50%. It doesn't matter what kind of soap you use. If you prefer liquid soap, but the shelves in the shops are empty, then we have a tip for you: Make your own liquid soap yourself - from solid soap.

You need:

  • 1 piece of hand soap (80g)
  • 800ml of water
  • 2 tsp of your favorite oil (e.g. 1 tsp coconut oil and 1 tsp olive oil)
  • a grater
  • a cooking pot
  • a hand mixer or (if you have a lot of power) a whisk
  • a pump dispenser or mason jars to fill
  • optional: a few drops of essential oil for fragrance

How it works:

1. Grate the hand soap with a grater

2. Pour the water into a saucepan, add the soap shavings and bring to the boil while stirring constantly

3. Remove saucepan from heat and allow soap to cool, stirring occasionally

4. The soap needs to rest for at least 12-24 hours. You will notice the soap getting thicker.

5. When you notice the soap getting creamy, add the oils

6. To mix the ingredients well, mix them vigorously once with a hand mixer or whisk.

7. Decant the soap and you're done - you're ready to use your DIY liquid soap.

If the soap gets too thick overnight, add a little more water and mix the mixture again. In general, less is more for the time being. You can gradually increase the amount of water.

If you use our hand care soap for this DIY, you don't have to worry about chapped hands from washing your hands a lot. Valuable oils clean and care for your hands at the same time.

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