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In the end everything will be fine and even better

Avoiding chemical cosmetics with silicones, paraffins and parabens is extremely worthwhile. Unfortunately, the hardships that we have put our bodies through for years are not repaired overnight. Switching to green cosmetics can take some getting used to at first and the body can sometimes react a little confused to it at first. Here we explain why this is the case and why it is still worth switching with tips and tricks for the best green love story.

That's why the change is worthwhile

Imagine you've nibbled on a few kilos too much through junk food over the years and you realize: That's enough! After a few days of healthy eating, the pounds are unfortunately not gone and the longing for chips, fries and the like won't leave you alone. However, everyone would agree that a healthy diet is far better for a long and healthy life.
Anyone who has smoked for years should give up so as not to damage their body. Also here: The change is hard and takes time, but it's worth it! Nobody would advise a smoker to smoke again because the first week without cigarettes was so unusual and the body reacted with withdrawal symptoms, right?
Giving the body the time it needs is also important when switching from chemical cosmetics to green alternatives.

Devil's Spiral: This is what chemical cosmetics do to your body

Conventional chemical cosmetics contain many substances that supposedly have a great immediate effect, but are very bad for you and the environment in the long run.
Ingredients such as synthetic silicones and petroleum paraffins are very cheap to industry and can therefore be sold at a large margin. The turnover is therefore quite lucrative and the customer is happy for the time being. Such fabrics wallpaper your skin and you have the feeling that it is supple and well-groomed. In reality, sweat can accumulate under this layer, the horny layer swells and becomes dry and brittle. As a consequence, you need more of these products to supposedly counteract these negative consequences. You get into a vicious spiral that only treats the symptoms — but in the end your skin and hair are never seriously cared for.

Finally real care: This is what puremetics does with your body

We completely dispensed with such substances! With us you get products that are reduced to the essentials. All of our ingredients are not only proven to be harmless, they are just bursting with super-caring properties. High-quality natural oils and essences cleanse, care for, nourish and protect your skin and hair. Gone are the fallacies and hardships. Welcome honest care into your beauty routine and reap long-term healthy skin and nourished hair. Our puremetics all work according to the same principle:

  1. Cleaning: Gentle and thorough deep cleaning with 100% harmless ingredients.
  2. Care: High-quality natural and predominantly organic essences and herbal mixtures nourish skin and hair with substances that are really needed.
  3. Protection: Exquisite natural oils care for and then seal to offer optimal protection against environmental influences.
In this way, we help skin and hair stay healthy and young for as long as possible.

The conversion

Now that you have understood that chemical cosmetics do not care, but rather make your body dependent, you can better understand what happens when you switch to natural cosmetics.
First of all, the unkempt, stressed skin (and hair) lack their chemical glue. Even the best natural cosmetics cannot repair this damage after a few uses. So please do not expect an absolute WOW effect after the first application. But be aware that you are now doing something good for yourself and are finally caring for your body with high-quality and nourishing essences and oils. Skin and hair finally get "really healthy food" after a long time.
The skin is constantly in the cell renewal cycle. New cells are formed and old cells die. A complete cycle always lasts about 4-6 weeks. So you don't wear the identical skin for a single day. That sounds strange, but it is very good for us to stay young and healthy for a long time.
Of course, this means that the skin damaged by chemicals was only completely replaced by new skin cells after 1-2 months. This is the time you have to give your body to adjust. As a thank you, you will receive wonderfully cared for, healthy and nourished new skin free of negative chemical influences. On top of that there is the good conscience of not having left a harmful footprint in your world.
The hair unfortunately takes a little longer to get used to than the skin. Hair is basically "dead material" otherwise it would hurt when you cut it. They no longer regenerate themselves from within once they are fully grown. The chemicals in shampoo and conditioner also make the structure brittle and fragile. Silicone films cover it like make-up and cover up all the drama. They're shiny and look soft and smooth — but you wouldn't say your makeup really cares, would you?
Most shampoos also contain sodium laureth sulfate. This very questionable substance ensures, among other things, that your shampoo foams nicely and dries/irritates the skin, promotes allergies and is even suspected of promoting cancer. Incidentally, this surfactant (SLSA) is used to clean and degrease industrial machines. This ingredient does not have a really beneficial effect, but most people love foaming products and do not feel cleansed if this effect is missing. SLSA is very degreasing, which severely irritates your natural sebum production. As a result, more and more fat is produced faster and faster - frequent hair washing is then required. In comparison: 1-2 times a week can be completely sufficient if your scalp is healthy.
Here, too, the hair is only damaged and papered for many years. Care? False alarm. Your scalp is also affected and has to get used to the new terrain first. Your hair will need several months to recover from this. You will be thanked at the end with very slowly oily, healthy, strong, shiny hair and a nourished scalp. Depending on the length of your hair, your roots will be your tips in a few years. Imagine your hair is unencumbered along its entire length and deep-cared for strong. This is going to look insanely good.

Typical conversion reactions

Once again at this point: please remain steadfast and don't get frustrated if your skin and hair are acting up a bit at first. You now know why this is so and that your body needs some time to be pampered by our cosmetics.
We will explain to you which reactions can occur, why that is in detail, why it is okay and what tips can be used to mitigate the transition period.
The skin feels dull and dry or tight
Your skin is now missing the chemical glue that made it so dull in the first place. Keep up! Now you are finally giving your skin proper care, so that will soon be over. A natural moisturizing lotion can help to bridge the gap.
The skin flakes off
On the one hand, your skin has been roughened by chemical substances, on the other hand, old, dead skin is replaced with new ones. So the dead skin has to go, that's good. Regular, gentle peeling can help. It is best to use a peeling glove made of natural fibers and gently massage the skin in circular movements.
The skin is red
This effect occurs because your skin first has to get used to a natural environment again. Remember that an almost impermeable layer of silicone previously sealed them off from everything that happened outside. With a balanced skin flora and protective acid mantle, your skin can cope quite well with it on its own. It's like riding a bike – you don't forget how to do it, you just have to ride a few meters again.
Pimples form
Pimples can also appear once the skin gets used to the natural external influences. On the other hand, chemical substances are now excreted intensively - the skin detoxifies itself. So a good sign. Sauna sessions and steam baths can speed up this process.
Hair and scalp quickly become greasy
For years, your scalp has been treated with harsh surfactants. It's not good for the sebum glands on your head. They see an emergency in aggressive cleaning and produce more fat to compensate. Give yourself some time to recover. You will soon find that everything is fine again. The hair itself does not form fat: It can therefore definitely help to comb the fat from the roots into the lengths and tips. The changeover is best suited in winter, as you can easily hide the transition under hats.
Hair feels dull and dry
Chemical agents first made it dull and dry. Now the chemical glue is missing, which compensates for this and the whole truth comes out. Since puremetics really care/nourish and don't work with silicones, your hair needs some time to be repaired. This is where the tip on the topic of "fat" can help.
The scalp is dry
The same applies here as with the rest of your skin: Your skin now lacks the chemical glue that made it so dull in the first place. Keep up! Now you are finally giving your skin proper care, so that will soon be over.

Keep up! It is worth it

We hope that this little guide will be of great help to you. Above all, it is important to understand what cosmetics actually do to us. When we understand this, it is much easier for us to make better decisions, even if they may be unfamiliar at first.
If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you at any time.

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