Your TOP 9 beauty tips for the winter!

Winter is approaching and brings cold, frost and wind with it. As soon as we got home, we turn on the heaters so that we are nice and warm. However, this constant alternation between the winter cold and heating air only means stress for our skin.

The next 10 DIY beauty tips will spare your skin and hair this stress and give winter the cold shoulder ;-)

1. Oil for skin care

Use one of our body care oils of your choice and put a dab in the palm of your hand. Massage the oil into the still damp skin immediately after the shower and enjoy the soothing immediate effect.

2. No more cracked heels

You should pay special attention to the care of your feet, especially in the cold season. You can use the pumice stone to remove excess calluses. After your treatment, a drop of body care oil is enough to rub both heels in circular movements. It is best to repeat this procedure once a day for a period of two weeks and be happy with the result.

3. Declare war on impurities

If you are prone to blemishes and pimples in winter, you should under no circumstances squeeze them out or treat them in any other way with your fingers. Instead, treat your skin to something good by regularly taking chamomile steam baths. This clears the skin and has a calming effect.

Our "Coconut Cream Seasalt" facial care soap also helps with impure skin.

4. Prevention is everything

So that the skin does not suffer from the cold winter air in the first place, you should take preventive measures. Mix your regular day cream with a drop of oil to give your skin a natural protective layer. The thin film protects the skin from acute moisture loss.

5. Proper cleaning with natural means

Especially in winter, it is not a good idea to cleanse the skin on your face with harsh or alcohol-based tinctures. Instead, use pure coconut oil to take dirt or makeup off at night. This efficiently cleanses the skin without drying it out. Then the face is washed with clear water or a mild soap.

6. Healthy hair in winter

Especially during the heating period, many people tend to have dry hair. To combat this problem, you should work a small drop of olive oil into the ends of your hair. It is best to put the oil in your hair an hour before washing your hair so that it can take effect.

7. Soothe dry scalp

Not only the hair, but also the scalp can be heavily stressed by the constant change between warm and cold temperatures. In order not to dry out the scalp from excessive washing, you should delay washing your hair. You can also dab some rose water on the scalp, it will soothe the scalp.

8. Take care of rough hands

In winter it is sometimes unavoidable to do outdoor activities without gloves. Of course, the hands suffer as a result. Make sure to rub your hands with a natural oil after each wash. This natural care can work particularly well if you apply lotion to your hands overnight and wear cotton gloves.

9. Peeling for beautiful skin in winter

You should never do without a peeling in winter. If the skin is dry, skin flakes can be perfectly detached by using a peeling. Simply mix sea salt and oil and apply in circular movements. If you don't feel like mixing your own peeling, you can use our shower fluffs . These contain sea salt or sugar particles as a peeling component and also moisturize the skin with every application.

Our tip: Conventional shower gels can also cause dry skin in winter due to aggressive surfactants. To counteract this, you can use our Tonka Oat Milk Shower Soap . Instead of drying out the skin, it moisturizes it due to the degree of excess fat.

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