Shampoo powder 'Coconut Mint'
Shampoo powder 'Coconut Mint'
Shampoo powder 'Coconut Mint'
Shampoo powder 'Coconut Mint'
Shampoo powder 'Coconut Mint'
Shampoo powder 'Coconut Mint'

Shampoo powder 'Coconut Mint'

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"Since I've been using the puremetics shampoo powder, my hair is more grippy, radiant and beautiful than ever. I was immediately impressed by the great and fresh scent and the ingredients offer great care for hair and scalp. The switch has [...] It's absolutely worth it. The shampoo powder is a great, packaging-free alternative to conventional shampoo. 100% handmade and even from my region, it almost doesn't get any better." - Isabel K. via reviews.
50.0 g
  • 100% plastic free and vegan
  • Mix your shampoo yourself in a few seconds. Powder + water = shampoo.
  • Makes 200 ml shampoo: saves plastic & CO2
  • Without getting used to it
  • With valuable care phases

  Powder shampoo to mix with water
  Application like a usual shampoo
  limp, fine, thin hair
  Gentle coconut-mint scent
  pH: 5.5



With our shampoo powder, you can mix your own shampoo at home in seconds. The powder is simply mixed with hot water and then results in a liquid shampoo, as you are used to. Due to the small volume, the powder is a real space and weight miracle! A real hit compared to conventional shampoo.


  • 100% plastic-free (from product to packaging)
  • 100% Vegan (PETA Approved)
  • 100% climate neutral shipping
  • 100% match! Sustainable and environmentally friendly


For this we use a vegetable, mild tenside. Fine coconut and macadamia butter nourish and soothe the scalp. Shea butter protects hair and skin from drying out due to the washing-active substances during cleaning. Essential peppermint oil invigorates, refreshes and provides a shiny grip without weighing it down.

      Application as a powder (without preparation): Rub a pinch of the shampoo powder between your hands so that there are no more crumbs and then massage it into your wet hair and scalp as usual until everything foams up well. Then rinse your hair well.

      Use as a liquid shampoo (with preparation): Gradually stir the contents of the sachet into 150ml of boiled water with a whisk until everything has dissolved. Let cool for 10 minutes, then pour directly into a soap dispenser or an old shampoo bottle. Let it sit overnight so it gets nice and creamy.

      Storage: Please keep the shampoo powder in a dark and dry place. Once mixed, the liquid shampoo can be kept for four weeks.

      Disposal: For waste paper.


      And now once more in German:

      ZEA MAYS STARCH = corn starch

      • Cleansers: Cleanses skin and hair.
      • Deodorant: Reduces and masks unpleasant body odors.
      • Binder: Binds moisture and fat.

      SODIUM COCOYL ISETHIONATE = coconut surfactant

      • Surfactant: Cleanses skin and hair and provides lots of lather. Dissolves substances that are otherwise difficult to dissolve in water.


      • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
      • Protectant: Protects skin and hair from external aggressions.
      • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.

      AQUA = water

      • Solvent: Dissolves and binds ingredients in a formula together.
      • Carrier: Allows ingredients to be better distributed and applied.

      COCOS NUCIFERA SEED BUTTER = coconut butter

      • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
      • Protectant: Protects skin and hair from external aggressions.
      • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.

      PERFUME = perfume

      • Fragrance: Various fragrances which, according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, have no allergen potential and are grouped together under the term perfume.

      HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL = Hydrogenated vegetable oil

      • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
      • Protectant: Protects skin and hair from external aggressions.

      MACADAMIA TERNIFOLIA SEED OIL = macadamia butter

      • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
      • Protectant: Protects skin and hair from external aggressions.
      • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.


      • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
      • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.

      CITRIC ACID = citric acid

      • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.
      • PH regulator: Regulates the PH value of the product.

      MENTHA ARVENSIS LEAF OIL = Mint Essential Oil

      • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.
      • Freshener: Gives a refreshing feeling.
      • Tonic: Strengthens skin and hair and creates a comfortable feeling.


      • Preservative: Limits the growth of harmful microorganisms, making the product last longer.

      POTASSIUM SORBATE = Potassium Sorbate

      • Preservative: Limits the growth of harmful microorganisms, making the product last longer.

      LIMONENE = limonene

      • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.
      • Solvent: Dissolves and binds ingredients in a formula together.
      • Perfume: Gives a fresh scent.

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      The sustainable way to wash hair. In seconds, free from questionable ingredients and plastic

      Conventional shampoos usually contain around 80-90% water . A raw material that we all have at home. So why do we send it all over the country when there is a more environmentally friendly way. Because the weight and volume of the products generate massive amounts of CO2 .

      Our shampoo powder does not contain water! You simply mix it up with water at home in a matter of seconds. This is not only good for you, but also for the environment 😊

      It's that easy

      With valuable care oils


      Our shampoo powder is 100% plastic-free from the product to the packaging and does not contain any questionable ingredients that could harm you or our environment.

      Shampoo 2.0: All our shampoo powders are based on high-quality care phases such as coconut oil, shea butter, macadamia butter or almond oil, which pamper, moisturize and protect your scalp and hair while cleaning.

      Each shampoo powder is specially equipped with a sophisticated mix of different care and essential oils for your hair and scalp type .

      Which shampoo powder is right for me?

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'OAT MILK LEMON ' It is suitable for all hair and scalp types. It cleans and cares for the hair without weighing it down. A blend of rosemary and lemon essential oils, shea butter and oat oil provides moisture and shine without weighing it down.

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'SENSITIVE' It is reduced to the bare essentials and contains no fragrances and is free of potential allergens. Shea butter, macadamia butter and oat oil soothe, protect and moisturize the scalp without weighing it down.

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'COCONUT MINT' It is less rich in care and thus strikes the balance between "care and volume". Essential mint oil strengthens the hair and shea butter and coconut oil the hair roots.

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'MACADAMIA ORANGE' Orange essential oil regulates sebum production. A sophisticated mix of macadamia and shea butter provides sufficient, but not too much, moisture to normalize sebum production.

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'MACADAMIA OAT MILK' Argan oil, almond oil and shea and macadamia butter bring strength, shine and moisture.

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'TEA TREE ROSEMARY' Essential tea tree and rasmary oil provide relief against dandruff. Shea butter and juniper essential oil regulate and soothe the scalp while sending moisture to prevent further dandruff.

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'SENSITIVE' It gently cleanses and hydrates the scalp and is reduced to the essentials.

      Especially with severe hair loss, you should avoid aggressive surfactants, fragrances and potential allergens. A doctor's consultation is very useful, since severe, sudden hair loss is often accompanied by clinical pictures. In any case, as an immediate measure, you should avoid all styling products and dry shampoos.

      Shea butter, macadamia butter and oat oil soothe, protect and moisturize the scalp without weighing it down.

      In this case you should use a special product for extensions, which unfortunately we do not currently have. The contained oils loosen the glue and can damage bondings. The choice between real or synthetic hair also plays a role in the selection of your shampoo.

      In this case, we do not recommend natural products. When bleaching the hair, the hair structure is destroyed in such a way that special care is required, which unfortunately we do not currently offer.

      SHAMPOO POWDER 'SENSITIVE' Yes, here too we recommend the Sensitive series, which is reduced to the bare essentials, contains no fragrances and is free of potential allergens. Please note that no "eyebright" is included here.

      the good ones in the potty, the bad ones in the crop

      Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your conventional shampoos? Many people won't even know most of them and you'll often look in vain for really good, nourishing oils. Often only the hair is taken into account, but not the scalp.

      We use a mild, plant-based surfactant to cleanse the skin. But also a mild surfactant makes skin and hair dry. That's why a large part of the shampoo powder in our base is high-quality care. Skin and hair are cared for and protected during cleaning.

      We would like to introduce you to some of the ingredients it contains, which vary depending on the variety.

      For well hydrated skin

      coconut oil

      Coconut oil has many positive effects on the skin. It is rich in antioxidants that help fight oxidative damage to the skin. It helps hydrate the skin, protects it from environmental aggressors, and has antimicrobial properties that may help support acne treatments. It can also help to smooth the skin as it is very rich and provides additional moisture and nourishment to the skin.

      for a silky-soft skin

      shea butter

      Shea butter is a natural product that can help many people treat dry and cracked skin, as well as relieve eczema and dermatitis. It also contains a variety of fats and nutrients that help restore the skin's natural barrier function. The fatty acids in shea butter can help smooth and strengthen skin, and they may also help fight wrinkles and reduce the appearance of age spots.

      elasticity and protection

      almond oil

      Almond oil is a natural skin care product that protects the skin from harmful environmental influences, improves the complexion and increases skin moisture. It is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects against free radicals that play a role in aging. It is also rich in fatty acids, which strengthen the skin barrier, reduce inflammation and reduce skin permeability. It can also help refresh and moisturize dry skin. Almond oil is also believed to increase the production of collagen, which increases skin elasticity and youthfulness.

      a mild surfactant

      foam party

      We all love him: foam! It gives us the feeling of purity and that we become really clean. Foam formation only plays a limited role and is usually generated by surfactants . These are washing-active substances that clean, but can also attack and damage the skin barrier and hair structure .

      Therefore we use a milder surfactant which is friendlier to our skin and hair. Our shampoo powder also foams. However, this is a little less than with conventional products with many more aggressive surfactants. This is not a quality defect, on the contrary: you will be cleaned effectively and your skin and hair will be protected .

      orange essential oil

      is a wonderful way to strengthen and nourish the hair. It is rich in antioxidants that protect hair follicles while stimulating blood flow to deliver more nutrients. It also has antimicrobial properties that can be used effectively against numerous hair problems such as dandruff, psoriasis and hair loss. Orange oil can also be used to moisturize hair, make it softer and shinier.

      juniper essential oil

      contains many beneficial ingredients, including antioxidants that help mitigate free radical damage. It also helps maintain the scalp's natural pH balance and reduces the production of oil that makes the scalp flaky and oily. Juniper oil has a disinfecting effect and can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause scalp infections. It is also a natural antiseptic that helps heal and prevent infection.

      lemon essential oil

      is a very useful oil for hair care as it cleanses the scalp, stimulates hair growth and also helps fight dandruff and other scalp problems. It is also an effective remedy for oily hair. Lemon oil can be used to cleanse and stimulate the scalp and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from hair loss. It can also be used as a natural hair softener to make hair softer and shinier.

      peppermint essential oil

      has a soothing, refreshing scent and may contribute to hair health due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help reduce dandruff and treat dry scalp. It helps stimulate blood circulation and cools the scalp.

      tea tree essential oil

      is often used to treat scalp problems such as dandruff, itching and dry scalp. It can also be used to treat stubborn scalp and hair problems such as hair loss, greasy hair and psoriasis. Tea tree oil is believed to help soothe scalp problems and promote hair growth due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


      The powder is mixed with water at home and used like a normal shampoo. Without any change or adjustment process.

      Yes, that works and is even quite practical for on the go, since nothing can leak. Lather a pea-sized amount in your wet hands and massage the lather onto your wet scalp.

      Once mixed with water, your shampoo will keep for 4 weeks . This is because there are naturally germs in the water that multiply. We consciously refrain from aggressive preservation with questionable agents and recommend: If you do not need that much shampoo in this period, then simply halve or quarter the amount when mixing :)

      You can store it mixed like any other shampoo. The shelf life can be extended by storing it in the refrigerator.

      We recommend stirring the shampoo powder in a tall pouring vessel with a whisk and then quickly decanting while it is still liquid.

      You can use any vessel that you like. For example an old shampoo bottle, a soap dispenser or a storage box. The main thing is that it is waterproof.

      Depending on the hardness of the water and the nature of the limescale, which varies from place to place, the shampoo can unfortunately become a little more liquid or solid.

      In general, it is recommended to shake the shampoo vigorously before use, as we deliberately do not use emulsifiers.

      Too hard: It is best to add a sip of water and then stir vigorously again until it has the right consistency for you.

      Too liquid: The powder may not have dissolved properly when stirred in. Please check whether there are still heels on the bottom and stir it vigorously again.

      The shampoo powders are specially designed for different hair and scalp types. Above you will find an overview with which you can determine which product is right for you.

      Yes :) But not as strong as you might be used to from conventional products with more aggressive surfactants. Please remember that excessive foaming is not a quality feature, but marketing. With moderate foaming you will be just as clean and your skin and hair will be protected even better.

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