Peel-Off Mask 'Revitalizing: Coconut Vanilla'

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"Great mask. The mask is great, my skin feels fantastic afterwards and also looks fresher in a way. Very pleasant to apply. It's also no problem to take it off. I used to not be that into masks and such, but since With these masks it's my Sunday ritual! Highly recommended!" - Filou&Balu via ratings
65.0 g
  • 100% plastic free and vegan
  • For your order we collect 1 kg of plastic waste!

  Peel-off mask to be mixed with water
  With coconut, vanilla and mineral clay
  Sensitive skin
  Freshness kick with a cooling effect
  For 7 uses



"You have to exfoliate every day!" At least that's what Elizabeth Taylor said. If anyone needs to know, then it would be one of the greatest divas of all time!? Our peel-off mask is happy to do this and after a few minutes it becomes so firm that you can peel it off along with the skin cells. It moisturizes, soothes, cools and clears the fine facial skin.


  • 100% plastic-free (from product to packaging)
  • 100% Vegan (PETA Approved)
  • 100% climate-neutral shipping
  • 100% match! Sustainable and environmentally friendly


Revitalizing: This mask is full of fine, natural minerals and vitamins, so it can easily release some of them into your skin. The application is also much easier than the pronunciation. The mask also has the property of cooling. This revives tired skin and leaves it feeling wonderfully fresh.

Tip: Apply the mask evenly so that it can be easily removed later. Do not exceed the exposure time, otherwise it will become too dry. Briefly moisten dry edges before removing.

A notice: Do not apply to hair, eyelashes or eyebrows. Otherwise remove immediately. The powder must not be mixed or dried on clothing, otherwise it will leave stains.

      Application: Stir 1 tablespoon of powder with 2 tablespoons of water in a non-sensitive container (observe the order, otherwise it will become lumpy). Apply the mask to the cleansed face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes (avoid the eye area/hair, but that's obvious anyway). Then peel off and remove dried edges with a wet cloth.
      Suitable for everyday use

      Storage: Store in a dry and dark place.

      Disposal: The peel-off mask itself can be disposed of in organic waste. Remove the label from the packaging and place in the yellow sack. The rest of the packaging into the waste paper.


      And now once more in German:

      TETRASODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE = sodium pyrophosphate

      • PH regulator: Regulates the PH value of the product.

      CALCIUM SULFATE HYDRATE= calcium sulphate

      • Antioxidant: Inhibits oxidation processes and thus the spoilage and degradation of ingredients.
      • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
      • Protectant: Protects skin and hair from external aggressions.
      • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.


      • Exfoliation: Removes impurities and scales from the skin's surface.

      ALGIN = alginic acid from brown algae

      • Stabilizer, binder and gelling agent: Ensures the desired consistency.

      XANTHAN GUM = xanthan gum

      • Exfoliation: Removes impurities and scales from the skin's surface.

      COCOS NUCIFERA FRUIT POWDER = coconut flour

      • Conditioners: Keeps skin and hair in good condition.
      • Conditioning agent: Makes the hair soft and easier to comb.
      • Volumizer: Makes the hair voluminous.
      • Shine Booster: Makes hair soft and shiny.
      • Masking Substance: Masks unwanted inherent odors.

      ARGILLA = mineral clay

      • Moisturizer: Moisturizes.
      • Exfoliation: Removes impurities and scales from the skin's surface.


      • Smoothing agent: smoothes skin and hair and evens out imperfections.

      MAGNESIUM OXIDE = magnesium salt

      • PH regulator: Regulates the PH value of the product.

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      Mattifying & Moisturizing

      With mineral clay, silica and brown algae

      Mineral clay and silica provide a mattifying effect and can even shrink your pores. At the same time, algin, which is obtained from brown algae, gives you an extra portion of moisture.

      cooling, pore tightening & moisturizing
      for a clear and fresh skin 🤩

      Give your skin a new life with our vegan and plastic-free peel-off masks! You mix the powder made of alginate, clay and various plant extracts with water at home and apply it to your cleansed face. After a short time, the mask will become firmer while noticeably refreshing and cooling your skin, penetrating deep into your pores and removing sebum, dirt and dead skin cells.

      After the exposure time, the peel-off mask is briefly moistened and then easily removed. Check it out in the following video 😊

      3 tips and tricks for using our peel-off masks

      mineral and clays
      a natural source of many minerals and nutrients

      Clays are a natural source of many minerals and nutrients that help your skin stay vital and healthy. They are very effective in treating acne, inflammation, redness and other skin problems.

      Clays are also rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Free radicals are harmful substances that promote cell breakdown, which can cause your skin to age prematurely. Antioxidants also help increase collagen production, giving your skin a healthy look.

      Clays are also rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. These minerals help moisturize and revitalize the skin. They can also help unclog pores and soothe skin. Clays can also help reduce stress and fatigue faster. They help increase blood flow and promote cell renewal, resulting in healthier and younger looking skin.

      Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
      Beauty all-rounder brown algae

      Brown algae are often used in cosmetics as ingredients in face masks, creams and other skin care products. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, they can nourish and moisturize the skin. They also have a calming effect, which can help reduce redness and skin irritation. Brown algae are also used as a gentle remedy in the treatment of acne, as they can soothe the skin and speed up the healing process.

      • Anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce inflammatory skin problems like acne and rosacea.
      • It can promote cell regeneration to reduce the signs of aging.
      • May help protect skin from harmful environmental influences such as UV rays and pollution.
      • May increase skin hydration to combat dry skin.
      • Also has powerful antioxidant properties that can help protect skin cells from free radicals.


      A peel-off mask is a type of face mask that, after being applied to the skin, dries in the form of a layer and can then be peeled off in one piece. It's a type of cleansing method that's considered a simple, quick, and effective way to unclog pores and remove excess oil.

      Peel-off masks help cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells, excess sebum production and harmful substances that have built up on our skin. They are also a great way to stimulate blood flow and achieve a smoother and more toned look.

      The content is enough for 7 applications.

      In principle yes. But that is not absolutely necessary. An application 2-3 times a week is sufficient.

      Most peel-off masks are ready to use in disposable packaging for application.

      Our peel-off mask, on the other hand, is deprived of the water phase for the sake of the environment. You mix it with water at home and then quickly apply it to your face with a brush or your fingers.

      100% plastic-free & upcyclable

      We developed these specifically for masks. They are produced in Germany and do without any plastic or hidden bioplastic coating.

      One pack of peel-off masks is enough for 7 applications . You can then dispose of the packaging in the waste paper or clean it and use it as a great storage box.

      really crazy!
      DID YOU KNOW, …?

      ... that peeling grains used to be mostly small plastic particles? Fortunately, many peelings today no longer contain any peeling plastic particles. They are officially designated as "free of microplastics" and may bear the appropriate seal. Unfortunately, many peelings still contain microplastics in the form of liquid plastic. This cannot be broken down in rivers and seas and harms our environment.
      We don't do things by halves when it comes to plastic, our masks are 100% plastic-free , we promise! 🙏🌿