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Shower gel, lotion and peeling in one!

Replace your harmful shower gels with the 3in1 shower fluff
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No more harmful ingredients and dry skin!

Our 3-in-1 shower fluffs provide your skin with moisture using natural ingredients such as coconut oil and save you time in the bathroom every day.

therefore only puremetics!

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Only the best for your skin!
Without any questionable ingredients

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Easy entry into sustainable beauty

Getting started with sustainable beauty can be quite confusing, we know that. That's why we've created collections for you that are tailored to specific needs.

With Puremetics, the path to environmentally conscious care becomes child's play. Our products are easy to use and let you shine without making any compromises.

Start your journey to sustainable beauty today

This is how much plastic waste has been recovered so far

87,668 KG

For every order, in cooperation with CleanHub, we recover 1 KG of plastic waste from coastal regions before it enters the world's oceans. The recovered plastic is recycled wherever possible.

Pamper yourself and the earth with products that are good for you and our environment

Dive into our eco-friendly collection of vegan cosmetics, free from plastic and harmful chemicals.

Discover now and shape a sustainable future together!


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Pioneers of sustainability

in the cosmetics industry

Puremetics is not a conventional company and we do not make conventional products. We do it differently. Namely better!

We passionately create sustainable, vegan and plastic-free cosmetics that offer the best for you and the environment. We don't choose between sustainability and quality - we connect you! Because both demands are our top priority - without compromise. Every product is proof of our pursuit of the highest perfection. But we go even further: with every purchase you support our environmental protection projects that create a greener future for all of us. Be part of a movement that stands up for a better world.

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You're in good company. Over

50,000 satisfied customers

Your satisfaction is our highest concern. We really value your opinions and feedback because they help us to continually improve and offer you the best products. Together we will create a beauty experience that meets your rightly high standards. Share your thoughts with us and let's improve the world of sustainable beauty together!

Do you have any questions or would you like advice?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. It is very important to us that you feel completely comfortable with us and that you receive the best products specifically for your needs. Send us a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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