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🚨 Spoiler alert! If you want to be surprised about which varieties await you in the Advent calendar, you should only open the vote after Christmas.

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Hanna (Design) and Chris (CEO)

That was our inspiration

With this Advent calendar we wanted to convey a fundamental pillar of our values: “Small but mighty! “Together we can achieve anything!” The 3in1 Shower Fluff Minis together form a special Advent calendar and together we form a special movement that actively works together for a better future. We have visualized many of our values ​​in small Christmas-themed icons.

High-quality oils instead of fillers! Our recipes are designed for optimal care and pamper your skin.

High quality care

Not only are we sustainable and environmentally friendly, but we don't lose sight of our core focus, skincare.

Quality cosmetics

Many creations combine several products in one for the sake of the environment. The shower fluff combines cleansing, peeling and body lotion.

Saves money and waste

Time for you! Our textures, scents and designs are designed to turn everyday hygiene into a very special self-esteem time.

time for you
Product and packaging


We are committed to developing alternative textures, packaging and shipping materials. You surely know the saying “A good soul lives in a good temple”? The same applies to our products! Our high-quality, environmentally friendly cosmetics belong in packaging with the same high standards of our sustainability criteria.

That's why you'll find 100% plastic-free products, packaging and shipping materials with us.

0% animal ingredients

100% VEGAN

No animal should ever have to suffer for our beauty! We therefore assure you that you will only find 100% vegan products with us. A claim that is firmly anchored in our values ​​for the future.

So you can confidently browse our entire range and you will never find any animal ingredients.

Without animal suffering


puremetics is on PETAS official list, cruelty-free cosmetics, care products, household products and more.

“PETA Approved” is the German equivalent of PETA USA’s “Beauty without Bunnies” program. We collect and share information about cruelty-free companies, brands and products to help consumers make animal-friendly purchases.

Our Soli soap is good for your skin and those around you. Together we support the projects that are close to your heart.

Support projects

Only together we are strong! Therefore, we do not see ourselves as a company and you as customers, but as a community.

Together we are strong

With AGA Species Protection, we were able to save over 5,000 baby turtles and support various animal shelters and sanctuaries with our Soli soap.

Support projects

All of our packaging is recyclable and behind the scenes we also recycle old cardboard boxes into filling material.

Use the recycling chain
Plantable inlay


We are always looking for clever combination solutions to create as little waste as necessary. That’s why you can upcycle a lot of our packaging. For example, you can use the inlay of our Advent calendar as a growing pot in spring and plant it later.

Support projects


We support the protection of the oceans with every order! No matter the value of the goods: For every order we collect a whole kilo of plastic waste from coastal regions and have already been able to protect the oceans from over 50 tons of waste!

We also regularly “clean up” together and cooperate with various organizers to actively clear the environment of contaminated sites.

Made with love


In our factory in Isernhagen near Hanover, we lovingly produce wonderful cosmetics for you and the environment. From production to assembly, everything is done with love at puremetics.

Save baby turtles

Species protection

Birgit from the AGA says: “Sea turtles have been crossing the world's oceans for more than 200 million years, but today all seven sea turtle species are critically endangered. The protection of sea turtles begins right on the nesting beach, because the nurseries of these fascinating marine reptiles are already at risk. Thanks to the support of puremetics, we have already been able to protect more than 1,500 baby turtles so that they reach the sea safely after hatching. A very hopeful contribution and we are pleased that puremetics continues to support this important work to protect sea turtles.”

Many gifts consist of tons of rubbish in order to make a lot out of little content with foil and the like. With puremetics you give sensible and sustainable, exciting and environmentally friendly products with a fun factor.

Sustainable and sensible

If only there was this one solution to the climate problem... We are aware that we have to adapt our behavior in many different areas and that is exactly where we start at puremetics.

Active against change

In addition to our mission, we also see it as our duty to limit the damage caused by reckless people. We support environmental projects with energy, reach and goodies and actively take to the streets for a better world.

We clean up

We have 16.06 tons of CO2 so far
with GoGreen products and services through worldwide, registered climate protection projects. balanced. A value with which more than once could drive around the world in a gasoline engine.

Climate-neutral shipping