Shower fluff seal of freshness

Our popular 3in1 shower fluffs are always freshly and lovingly filled by hand into the biodegradable cups made of greaseproof rolled paper.

With our puremetics seal of freshness, the cup is glued to the lid, so you can be sure of always receiving an original and fresh product. In general, we no longer accept returns for sale.

Occasionally we receive inquiries regarding the fill level, weight or visible traces in the 3in1 shower fluff. We guarantee that you will not receive any opened or used products from us.

We get these questions more often:

Why are there traces in the 3in1 shower fluff?

The fluffs are filled on our manually operated filling machine. As soon as the required quantity is reached in the cup, the cup is set down by hand. Since the mass is not liquid, but fluffy and creamy, such traces occasionally appear. When bottling by hand, visual differences are inevitable.

Why is my 3in1 shower fluff less full?

As with all of our products, we want to keep our 3in1 shower fluff as "pure" as possible. That's why we don't use additional stabilizers. Depending on the temperature, it can happen that a fluff "collapses" a bit. This is not bad for the product at all. The fact that the fill level is slightly reduced does not mean that you will receive less product. The fluff is also just as productive as usual.

Why do my 3in1 shower fluffs weigh different amounts?

As already mentioned, our 3in1 shower fluffs are filled on our manually operated filling machine. It is very difficult to measure exactly 250 grams. We therefore always bottle a little more, so that you are guaranteed to get 250 grams.

An empty cup weighs 35 grams. Please do not be fooled by the weight of an empty cup after use, as it will weigh more due to the oil phase being drawn in.

So a new shower fluff always weighs at least 285 grams. Anything above that is a little bonus for you :)

Do you have any further questions? Then feel free to contact us at any time: