CEO and co-founder

Hey, I'm Chris!

Welcome to puremetics. I am very pleased that you are interested in our mission for the sustainable bathroom of the future.

In 2017 I wrote the concept for puremetics, combining many of my interests, hobbies and passions into a sustainable business:

100% plastic-free and vegan cosmetics with really high-quality ingredients that pamper you AND our environment!

Chris Cosma (CEO und Co-Founder von puremetics aus Hannover)
we don't choose between

Sustainability and quality - we connect them!

I grew up in Wolfenbüttel and studied public relations in Hanover. I have always been interested in nature, animals and our environment. Cosmetics were my passion for many years before I founded puremetics. And since I have been vegan myself for a long time, I have of course also made my cosmetic mixing kitchen vegan.

I received a lot of encouragement to turn my effective beauty alternatives into a business. Together with Chido (my boss at the time), puremetics became more and more concrete and was founded as a GmbH in 2020.

Our mission: create future-oriented solutions in cosmetics!

Environmental and species protection

We support the protection of the oceans with every order! For every order, we recover a kilo of plastic waste from coastal regions and have already protected the oceans from over 100 tons of waste!

We also support other projects. For example, we cooperate with the Action Group for Species Protection, Doctors Against Animal Experiments, animal shelters and sanctuaries, clean-ups and several other projects.

We have already been able to help together here

Sea turtles face many threats, most of which are man-made. Thank you for puremetics' contribution to protecting these wonderful animals in this way.

Birgit (CEO) Action Group for Species Protection
Over 3,000 turtle eggs saved

puremetics really cares about the environment from the start and is very mindful of the entire ecological footprint. Excellent products and good for the environment. It can't be better.

Joel (CEO) Cleanhub
Over 100 tons of plastic waste recovered

Together for the abolition of the terrible monkey brain experiments in Germany. This particularly cruel research on our closest relatives is ethically unjustifiable and scientifically nonsense, since animal experiments cannot be transferred to humans.

Astrid (eV administration) Doctors against animal experiments
Abolition of monkey brain experiments

By castrating a street cat, you save many other cats a lot of misery and suffering. A lot of things can be prevented if you work preventatively, which is why we try to have as many cats as possible neutered every year.

Tessa (Seelenkatzen eV) animal shelters and sanctuaries
Avoidance of animal suffering

The donations made German courses possible, in which the German teacher was able to teach refugee children and young people from Ukraine between the ages of 12 and 17 three times a week. Language is so important for integration!

Anja (board member) Pro Zukunft eV
Language courses for 60 refugee children

Save the world's oceans from plastic:

puremetics x cleanhub

puremetics really cares about the environment from the start and is very mindful of the entire ecological footprint. Excellent products and good for the environment. It can't be better.

Save turtles

puremetics x AGA

Sea turtles have been crossing the world's oceans for more than 200 million years, but today all seven sea turtle species are critically endangered. The protection of sea turtles begins right on the nesting beach, because the nurseries of these fascinating marine reptiles are already at risk.

The game wardens are on duty at the nesting beach every day. They protect them from poachers and they also record a lot of important data. If the nest was buried in an inconvenient location, for example because the area is heavily used for tourism, the gamekeepers will dig up the eggs and bury them in a safe location.

egg laying

Implementation and protection of nests

They do this very carefully and prudently in order to leave the nest as undisturbed as possible. In order to guide the baby turtles in the right direction, the gamekeepers prepare a path towards the sea with posts if necessary. After a nest has hatched, it is dug up after a few days so that the gamekeepers can then use the eggshells to count how many eggs were in the nest and how
many of them have hatched. This is valuable data that gives us information about hatching success.

In cooperation with our community

🤩 We against plastic!

We have already achieved so much together. And together we will achieve much more. We are not just a company and you are not just customers. We are a strong community that stands up for a better future!