For all vanilla lovers - care from head to toe!

Now the time has come! Your vanilla dreams come true.
Cuddly soft skin without applying cream after showering.


Now new: 3in1 shower fluff vanilla

Shower gel, peeling and body lotion in one!

Our all-rounder for showering and bathing. Our 3in1 products combine shower gel, peeling and body lotion in one. Wow!

The sugar particles free your body of dead skin cells and disruptors, the mild and plant-based surfactants ensure nourishing cleansing and the coconut oil provides your skin with moisture while showering, which is why applying cream after showering/bathing is a thing of the past.
There's only one thing left to say: "Bye, bye shower gel, body lotion and peeling! Hello 3in1 shower fluff!"

the application of your shower fluff

Massage your fluff onto wet skin, enjoy the scent and the fine peeling, then rinse thoroughly with water. Complete! Your skin is beautifully supple after showering/bathing. What about applying cream? No longer necessary, your skin is now moisturized.


So that the packaging can be recycled and disposed of as waste paper, it is made of 100% paper. It's best to pour your fluff into another container (jam jar, etc.) or take a portion out before showering/bathing.

Here you get the concentrated load of vanilla

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