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    Natural soap is suitable for absolutely everyone!

    No matter whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin. Roots that quickly become greasy or fine, dry, brittle hair. Natural soaps are made with a lot of dedication and expertise about the composition and harmony of the different fatty acids. So everyone can really benefit from the positive properties. We therefore also offer our natural soaps as affordable tester minis. Many other manufacturers also do this or offer you small sections in the store. This way you can easily try out which soap suits your particular needs.

    Cold boiling is the queen of soaps!

    Soaps are usually made industrially from simple cast soaps or so-called syndetes. If they are boiled seriously, this is usually done at high temperatures. You surely know what happens to the vitamins and minerals in your vegetables when you put them in boiling water for half an hour? They are eliminated and bring your body next to nothing.

    Natural soaps that are cold-boiled are not made under heat! This is the gentlest method of making soap because almost all good substances and fatty acids are retained. In this way, they can offer your skin the maximum amount of cleansing and care. Coming back to your vegetables: It's like snacking on the lettuce right after picking it in the garden :) But this method is also the most time-consuming and longest. It takes several weeks for the soap to be ready for sale. This has its price, but it is enormously worth it!