10 Gründe SOFORT auf Naturseife umzusteigen

10 reasons to switch to natural soap IMMEDIATELY

Soap has become an indispensable part of our households and bathrooms. While in the days of our grandparents the solid cleaning miracles were mainly used, the great revolution of liquid products in plastic bottles came in the post-war period. There is a bit of it in the name, because liquid products are absolutely superfluous !

The main advantage of soaps is that they are extremely much more environmentally friendly. They can usually be packed in paper and save a lot of energy due to their lower weight.

But soap is not just soap!

If you think you can now grab any soap "They all do the same thing anyway", then please keep reading.

We explain the most important differences, what you should definitely pay attention to when buying and why it is worth switching to natural soap immediately if you love your body.

Reason number 1

Chemical soaps dry out the skin!

Many soaps, especially from the cheap segment, are quick and hot-boiled soaps or simple cast soaps that are not boiled at all. Although they clean and foam very well, they also dry out the skin because they no longer contain any care, have never contained them or only very little is subsequently added. Because care is expensive and is therefore often used sparingly in large corporations. You can't get a good soap for 1€.

Natural soaps are mostly boiled from natural care oils. They then have the same cleaning effect after saponification, but contain their care effect and fatty acids. The result: effectively cleansed skin that is well supplied with moisture and remains supple and elastic.

Reason number 2

The skin barrier remains more stable!

Especially with the cheapest soaps, the cheapest ingredients are used. For example, those originally used in industry for degreasing machines. They are far too aggressive for your skin and disrupt your natural skin barrier. This makes you more susceptible to inflammation and infection. Your skin becomes thinner and more cracked. A process that, at best, can only be reversed with a lot of patience and care.

Natural soaps are much milder as they are real boiled soaps made from oils. The surfactants, i.e. the washing-active substances, in a natural soap are formed naturally during boiling. So no surfactants are added here. The cleaning effect is absolutely sufficient for the skin environment and does not overstress it. In this way, your skin barrier remains stable and can reliably fulfill its task: to protect you from external influences!

Reason number 3

Superfatting tailored to your needs!

As already mentioned, many soaps dry out the skin. Natural soaps can be boiled with a certain degree of overfatting. This is an art in itself and would go beyond the scope here. It is important to know, however, that the degree of excess fat determines how much the soap cares for. The higher the value, the more intensive the care.

With the overfatting index you can see whether the soap is suitable for your personal needs! Because every person is different and therefore every skin needs very different care. It is possible that the degree of excess fat 8 is just right for your hands, but only 5 for your face. Good natural soaps give you much better information and options than a cheap wash bar, which is said to be suitable for all areas.

Reason number 4

Curd soap is death for your skin!

We often encounter in the comment columns that curd soap does it too "Grandma would have done it that way". To put it bluntly: Curd soap is absolutely unsuitable for your body! Of course, times were different back then. You took what you could get and afford. Our grandparents simply didn't have the luxury we have today. However, today we no longer go one after the other with the entire family to bathe in the zinc tub in the hope of not being the seventh today. Curd soap is suitable for cleaning around the house and is far too aggressive for the skin!

Natural soaps contain their natural care phases and provide an extra portion of moisture thanks to the natural glycerin that is produced during saponification. You can be sure that if grandma had had the opportunity to use natural soap back then, she would have done it too!

Reason number 5

Natural soap is love <3

Now that may sound a bit romantic, but it is. A natural soap is made by hand with a lot of care. It matures in peace for several weeks until it is ready. Industrially produced soaps do not have this time and care!

Do you know the difference between tomatoes from the supermarket and from your own garden, where they are cared for with love and care and are allowed to ripen naturally in the sun as nature intended? Then you will also know the difference between cheap industrial soap and natural soap :) Okay, you shouldn't eat the soap, but that's how soap is made the way soap should be.

Reason number 6

For the environment :)

In contrast to most industrially produced soaps, natural soaps are 100% biodegradable. Please consider that the water from your shower drain will eventually flow back into your kitchen. With love and appreciation for ourselves, our descendants and the environment, we should pay better attention to how much garbage we bring into this world. Even small changes can make a big difference. For example, the decision to use natural soap.

Reason number 7

Cold boiling is the queen of soaps!

Soaps are usually made industrially from simple cast soaps or so-called syndetes. If they are boiled seriously, this is usually done at high temperatures. You surely know what happens to the vitamins and minerals in your vegetables when you put them in boiling water for half an hour? They are eliminated and bring your body next to nothing.

Natural soaps that are cold-boiled are not made under heat! This is the gentlest method of making soap because almost all good substances and fatty acids are retained. In this way, they can offer your skin the maximum amount of cleansing and care. Coming back to your vegetables: It's like snacking on the lettuce right after picking it in the garden :) But this method is also the most time-consuming and longest. It takes several weeks for the soap to be ready for sale. This has its price, but it is enormously worth it!

Reason number 8

Cold boiling saves energy!

Another environmental aspect is the energy saving. Natural soaps in the cold process are extremely energy-efficient in comparison. Because you are touched and then simply rest for several weeks. Apart from some space and attention, this requires no further resources.

Reason number 9

Natural soap is more productive!

You can get by with a good natural soap much longer than with cheap chemical industrial soaps. In contrast, they are not fluffed up with fillers and designed with extreme foam abrasion. So you only need a small amount of the natural soap and you get an even better result.

But even liquid products are often completely overdosed. That cannot happen with a natural soap. This in turn has a positive effect on the environment, but also on your wallet. After all, a cheap industrial bread that consists mainly of air is eaten faster than a real full loaf from the master baker.

Reason number 10

Natural soap is suitable for absolutely everyone!

Whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin. Quick greasy roots or fine, dry, brittle hair. Natural soaps are boiled with a lot of dedication and expertise about the composition and harmony of the different fatty acids. So really everyone can benefit from the positive properties. We therefore also offer our natural soaps as inexpensive tester minis. Many other manufacturers do the same or offer you small sections in the shop. This way you can easily try out which soap suits your particular needs.

By the way, here you can see our small team :)

Natural soap is good for your conscience

You now know that natural soap simply has tons of benefits for you and the environment, and that industrial chemical products can even harm you and the environment!

If you love yourself, you treat yourself that way. And of course that also applies to the daily cleansing and beauty routine. Mindfulness is the key here! In addition to all the clear advantages, we at puremetics also rely on a visual and olfactory experience. Make your cleansing routine a feel-good ritual and just take good care of yourself :)

Banish everything from your bathroom that is not good for you and let yourself be inspired by our natural soaps

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