Hair types – the right care makes the difference

Hair comes in all sorts of variations. It doesn't matter whether you have fine, thick, short, long, dry or greasy hair - every hair type has different needs and needs different care.
Do you already know your hair type?

When it comes to finding the right care for your hair, it's important to look not only at the hair lengths and ends, but also at the scalp.

Irritated scalp

You've just washed your hair and it's already itchy? You're trying not to scratch, but you still have flakes in all sorts of places? Don't worry, an irritated scalp is a problem for many people. Drying surfactants in shampoos are often the cause. Although these remove sebum and dirt from the skin and are the reason why shampoos foam, they are often very aggressive and therefore damage the skin barrier.

If you have an irritated scalp, you should use a particularly mild care product. Our shampoo powder Macadamia Orange , Tea Tree Rosemary & Macadamia Oat Milk are well suited for this. Our powders are based on a plant-based surfactant made from coconut, which is not only milder but also more skin-friendly and environmentally friendly than most chemical surfactants.

Rapidly greasy scalp

Oily scalp can be hereditary or hormonal. An unhealthy diet can also play a role here. Anyone who has oily hair has probably heard of the myth that washing your hair too often increases sebum production. However, there is no medical evidence for this.

The glands in our scalp produce sebum, for the same reason as the sebum glands on our face (you can find a blog post on skin types here ). The natural production of this oily substance is said to protect against drying out. If you have to wash your hair every day because it otherwise looks too greasy, you should use a mild shampoo, otherwise it can dry out your scalp too much.

So the motto is: Less is more! Our shampoo powder Macadamia Orange is well suited for quickly greasy hair and sensitive scalp.

However, if you don't have time to wash your hair in the morning, greasy hair can be styled particularly well into sleek looks or braided hairstyles. But if you don't feel like it, our dry shampoos can also conjure up a fresh hairline for you. Whether you have light hair , red hair , brunette hair or dark hair, our dry shampoos have something for everyone.

You have light hair and like the smell of fresh laundry? Then try our Dry Shampoo Cotton .

What hair types are there?

Normal hair

You don't have any problems with your scalp, hair breakage, volume or split ends?

Is your scalp neither too greasy nor too dry? You have hardly any hair damage and a natural shine? Then you most likely have normal hair. The properties of normal hair are mostly between those of thin and thick hair. This means that your hair can be both flat and limp, but also prone to dryness and being difficult to style. Again, proper care is essential for healthy-looking hair. But with the right care, normal hair can be easy to tame and style.

Our Lemon Oat Milk Shampoo Powder, suitable for all hair types, may be right for your hair here. You shouldn’t do without hair treatments with normal hair either.

Fine hair

Thin and fine hair is very sensitive. UV rays, heat and chemical treatments such as hair color in particular can damage the hair in particular. Fine hair has a small diameter and is therefore prone to breakage or split ends. Since fine hair also lies very close to the scalp, it tends to look stringy and greasy quickly.

If you therefore have to wash your hair often, you should also use a very mild shampoo here and only apply conditioner and treatments to the lengths and ends so as not to weigh down the hair further.

Maybe you can change your hair wash to morning instead of evening? During the night, the sebum can spread over the hair due to the friction on the pillow. You can easily mix our coconut mint shampoo powder for fine and lifeless hair with hot water.
But if you overslept in the morning, our dry shampoo can also help to give you a fresh look.

Thick hair

Due to the large diameter, thick hair can be unruly and stubborn. The cuticle layer of thick hair is often rough and porous, causing it to lose moisture and become dry and dull. Thick hair therefore requires a lot of care and intensive moisture. This smoothes the surface of the hair and it can reflect more light again.

If you have thick hair, you should try our nourishing castor repair hair soap. For many, switching from conventional shampoos to hair soaps takes some getting used to. Please read our article on getting used to hair soap .
If your hair feels stringy after washing with hair soap, this is probably due to the very hard water. You can easily prevent the formation of "lime soap" with an acidic rinse. The rinse neutralizes the pH value and closes the cuticle. Simply mix 1 liter of water with 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and apply to the hair after washing.

Dry hair

Washing your hair too often with aggressive shampoos, wrong shampoo application, UV rays, heat or heated air. It is often external influences that deprive the hair of moisture and lead to dry hair.
Damaged, dry hair often looks dull because the flakes are no longer attached to the surface and the light is no longer reflected as well. The roughened surface also leads to moisture loss and can cause hair to become brittle.

Rich and moisturizing care is therefore important for dry hair. Shampoos with vegetable oils can help to moisturize the hair and restore a healthy shine to the hair. Are you still looking for a suitable cleanser for your dry hair? Our Rizinus Repair hair soap is perfect for your hair type.

Damaged hair

When it comes to damaged and damaged hair, there is often only one thing left to do: cut it off. Short hairstyles are also nice, but maybe you prefer a long mane. However, you can prevent hair breakage, split ends and hair cutting with proper care and gentle handling.

For this you should largely avoid heat from blow-drying, straightening, curling. The heat will evaporate the water from your hair and will only dry it out further. Chemical hair dyes also damage the hair. The color roughens the top cuticle layer of the hair and the hair then loses moisture.

Our Castor Repair hair soap or our Macadamia oat milk shampoo powder is ideal for caring for damaged hair. The shampoo powder is also suitable for bleached hair.

For example, to protect your hair from breakage, your hair shouldn't be rubbing your shoulders all the time. Try your hair in updos or a ponytail. But you should also be careful here and not always wear the braids in the same place on the head and avoid hair ties with metal fasteners.

You shouldn’t do without a weekly cure either. With our organic MSM powder, you can not only easily mix a hair treatment, but also start a beauty day right away. Because the powder is versatile and can also be used as a face mask or nail butter or for a hand and foot bath.

Tips for all hair types

  • Don't use hot water. It is better to use lukewarm water for rinsing and so that the cuticle layer closes better at the end, rinse with cold water. This gives your hair a nice shine.
  • Only shampoo the scalp and not the mid-lengths and ends. The product residues that flow over the hair when rinsing out are enough for cleaning. Additional shampooing of the hair lengths and ends tends to dry them out.
  • Acid rinse instead of conditioner. Use a homemade acidic rinse instead of a conditioner. This gives your hair shine and makes it easier to comb.

A sour rinse is that easy

Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with about 1 liter of water. After washing your hair, simply apply the acidic rinse to your hair. You don't even have to wash out the rinse anymore. The vinegar smell goes away as soon as the hair dries.

  • When drying your hair, you should avoid rubbing it dry with a towel, as this roughens the surface of the hair. Instead, use a discarded cotton shirt and squeeze the water out of your hair.
  • Hot air from the hair dryer or even heat from straightening irons and curling irons strain your hair and often lead to hair breakage. Better to let your hair air dry.

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