With these 9 apps you can make your life more sustainable

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There is now an app for pretty much everything. But did you know that there are even applications that you can use to make your life more sustainable? We introduce you to the most important sustainability apps that should be installed on your smartphone.

code check

You have probably wondered at one time or another which ingredients are contained in a product. The free "Codecheck" app gives you the answer to this question and, after simply scanning the barcode, lists all the ingredients that may be harmful - both for humans and for nature. With the help of an assessment that the app displays, you can quickly and easily see how unhealthy a product is. This works for both food and cosmetic products.


The free "Toxfox" app is operated by the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz and informs the user about hormonally active substances that are contained in various cosmetic products and can lead to hypersensitivity of the skin or even to serious diseases such as infertility or cancer. As with Codecheck, the barcode of the respective product is also scanned here.

Seasonal calendar BZfE

Ideally, you should buy fruit and vegetables in the respective season and from the region in order to avoid long transport routes by plane from abroad. However, if you are not sure in which season zucchini, kale, apples & co have their main season, you can use the free "Saisonkalender BZfE" app: All types of fruit and vegetables for the current month are listed here, so that you can shop sustainably in the supermarket can. In addition, the app also provides valuable information about the import share of over 80 types of fruit and vegetables.

Too Good to Go

Every day, companies just throw thousands of kilograms of food in the bin - worldwide it is even a third of all food that just ends up in the bin. But that doesn't have to be the case: With the free "Too Good to Go" app you can find companies in your area where you can simply pick up leftover groceries - for an average price of 3.50 euros. Numerous restaurants, bakeries and food discounters are already taking part in the campaign.

food sharing

The free Android app "Foodsharing" follows a similar approach to "Too Good to Go": If you, as a private individual, have food in your possession that you no longer need (e.g. because you are going on vacation soon), you can you simply offer them to people in your area within the app. Alternatively, you can use the foodsharing app to look for other people who would like to donate excess food.

Find yourself green

With the "Seek Green" app, it doesn't take too long to find a sustainable shop or organic shop near you. Simply enter your location and all relevant shops in your immediate vicinity will be displayed. An integrated barcode scanner can also be used to find out valuable information about individual products.


Would you like to drive to a certain place and still have one or more spaces available? Then simply offer them to passengers via the BlaBlaCar app. In this way you help to reduce the already far too high CO2 emissions. Of course, you can also use the app to search for a ride yourself: Simply enter your location and desired destination and click on "Search".

NABU seal check

Numerous products today have an attached seal of quality - or several of them. What exactly the individual seals say is often difficult for the consumer to see. With the free "NABU Siegel-Check" app, this is no longer a problem: you only have to take a picture of the seal using the integrated camera function and all the important information about it will be clearly listed.


"Ecosia" is a green search engine that uses its earnings to plant new trees where they are urgently needed. In the meantime, over 68 million trees have been planted and you can do something good with every search query. The app is free for you.

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