This is the difference between soap and (solid) shower gel

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We can probably all agree that personal hygiene is important. But when it comes to the products used, opinions differ. In this blog post we look at the similarities and differences between shower gel, soap and shower gel.

shower gel

Shower gels find their place in most bathrooms. You can find the cleaners in all sorts of shapes and colors. They come in the most unusual scents and promise a wide variety of properties.

The main components of the gels are water, (chemical) surfactants and glycerin (sugar alcohol). In addition, there are usually fragrances, colorings and preservatives. And unfortunately, microplastic particles are often hidden in conventional shower gels, which get into our waters unhindered. Acids ensure that the shower gels have a skin-neutral pH value (5.5) and are therefore gentler on the skin. Most people like shower gel because it foams up when they wash, giving them the (deceptive) feeling that it's only then that it really cleans. However, many shower gels dry out the skin due to the bad ingredients. Another obvious downside is that shower gel almost always comes in plastic packaging and often uses more product than is actually needed.

Solid shower gel

"Solid shower gel... That's something between shower gel and soap." - Wrong. Solid shower gel is simply shower gel that has had its water removed. So the ingredients remain the same. One advantage, however, is that solid shower gel comes with more environmentally friendly packaging.


Soaps consist of the basic ingredients fat and lye. Then there are different combinations of oils that determine the care level of the soap. (Our) natural soaps do not contain any surfactants. In contrast to shower gels, soaps are slightly alkaline, which means that they attack the acid layer of the skin. However, this is not a problem, because (healthy) skin compensates for this shortly after showering. Our soaps have a pH of 8, which is more acidic than most soaps with an average pH of 9. In any case, the alkaline pH is less harmful to the skin than bad ingredients. In addition, soap is more environmentally friendly because it is completely plastic-free. Microplastics also have no place in natural soaps. And a nice side effect: If you travel by plane, you have more space for other things in your travel bag for the liquids.

puremetics shower soap shower vegan plastic-free soap peeling

Because of the lack of surfactants, soaps do not foam as much as shower gels. If you don't want to miss your foam party, why not try a soap bag ? So the soap foams more and at the same time you have a peeling effect. You can also let the soap dry in the soap bag afterwards. But soap stones or cans are also suitable for this.

You just don't really get warm with soaps, but still want to avoid plastic and harmful ingredients? Then take a look at our popular shower fluff ! The 3-in-1 products combine cleansing, peeling and care.

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