One hand washes the other

Never change a winning team: soap and water go hand in hand

Of course, you need soap and water to wash your hands. The temperature of the water is irrelevant for germ reduction. However, do not set the heat level too high, as hot water can irritate your skin unnecessarily and does not help to eliminate unwanted pathogens. Soap is essential to dissolve the germs that are usually found in the skin's natural oily film. Use enough soap to lather up to your wrist and use it carefully, because the natural greasy film protects your skin. Use our natural soaps directly, because they contain natural oils that unfold in the fluffy foam and gently care for your hands. In this way you avoid the danger of brittle, cracked hands, which make it easier for pathogens to penetrate. Synthetic surfactants and artificial fragrances help your hands dry out. If this has already happened: cream, cream, cream and quickly switch to us on the natural side!

It's someone's birthday every day, keep an eye on the time!

The recommended time for thorough hand washing is twenty seconds. So instead of shaking hands and hugging, we now celebrate hand washing and meanwhile sing “Happy Birthday” twice for really clean hands and a good mood.


Indispensable sidekick: by drying you are on the safe side

Our "hand hygiene stars" soap and water wouldn't be as effective without the last step in hand washing - drying. Germs feel particularly at home in damp environments, which is why it is important to dry hands thoroughly all over.

Digging up old treasures: a bar of natural soap is just as effective and nourishing

When it comes to soap, you have two options – a bar of soap or liquid soap. The latter has taken our bathrooms by storm in recent decades and has somewhat forgotten its predecessor, the solid bar of soap. Why is that? We take a closer look at the two types of soap and once again shine a spotlight on the tried and tested bar of soap. First of all, it should be noted that washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of infection by a whopping 50%. It doesn't matter what kind of soap you use; even soaps advertised as "antibacterial" have no higher value in terms of reducing the risk of infection. In the private sphere, contrary to many prejudices, it is completely harmless to use solid soap. Since you wash your hands to clean them, you will always have "dirty" hands first. Whether you touch a bar of soap or a pump dispenser to use liquid soap makes no difference. Studies show that microorganisms that are on the still damp soap do not "transfer" back to the hand during washing. However, you must make sure that the bar of soap has a chance to dry. For example, you are well advised to use our natural soapstone made of travertine. Due to its coarse pores, this allows air circulation and thus prevents unsightly mud and "germ parties". Our natural bar soaps actually offer you and all of us some benefits. The natural oils contained care for your hands during and after washing thanks to moisturizing properties. We promise you that they will do this for a long time, because a bar of soap goes a long way. In addition, you neither flush synthetically produced surfactants into the environment nor do you generate plastic waste through pump dispensers or refill bags, as is unfortunately often the case with liquid soaps.

In medical facilities with an increased risk of infection, liquid soap, disposable towels and even additional disinfection are definitely advisable. If you wash your hands too often or incorrectly, the protective film of acid mantle and skin fat is washed out and pathogens can penetrate more quickly. Take good care of your hands, apply lotion to them between frequent hand washing and thus help to maintain your barrier.

Liquid soap has also proved its raison d'être in the general public space. No one wants to share a bar of soap with everyone. But of course there is also the possibility to carry your own bar of soap with you in our practical travel box . And if you have problems drying the bar of soap, we'll come right around the corner with a solution. Simply cut wafer-thin slices from our soaps with a vegetable peeler and place them in the travel box. These papers use up in just one "wash" session, leaving your hands clean and peace of mind.

For extra care, try our "Natron Repair" hand care soap or our "Avocado Green Tea" hand and shower care soap.

Would you like extra care since you tend to wash your hands frequently? Then feel free to be rebellious and get your hands on our rich “Rizinus Repair” hair soap . With us you will also find a particularly rich hand care soap .

At home it is therefore more environmentally and skin-friendly to clean and pamper yourself with our natural soaps . If you prefer your own bar of soap, you can simply cut our soaps and distribute them among all household members - sharing is caring.

Stay clean, healthy and tender!

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