Effects of pH in shampoos

Chemistry must have been your favorite subject, right? ;) Most of us probably last dealt with the pH value in chemistry class. The topic can also be interesting in everyday beauty stories.

The pH

Sour makes fun? Yes, maybe. In any case, the pH value of your care products plays an important role when it comes to your skin and hair. But what is pH anyway? "Chemistry wasn't really my thing, sorry" - not a thing, basically it's not that complicated. The pH value (potentia hydrogneii) indicates the hydrogen concentration of an aqueous solution. The scale ranges from 0-14, with 0 being strongly acidic and 14 being strongly basic. The neutral value is 7. Human skin has an average pH of 5.5. This makes it slightly acidic, and not without reason: the "oily film" on the skin protects it from drying out and from harmful bacteria and other substances.

The right hair care

Basically, when buying shampoo, you should make sure that the hair care product is pH-neutral to the skin or slightly acidic. This protects the natural defenses of the scalp, the cuticle layer closes and the hair appears smoother. Alkaline shampoos, on the other hand, open the cuticle layer - the hair becomes frizzy and lackluster.

There's just one small problem...

Your scalp likes a different pH than your hair, namely a slightly higher, i.e. more alkaline. This is not a major problem, however, as healthy skin can compensate for fluctuations in pH. Hair cannot do this, which is why a slightly acidic shampoo is recommended in most cases. Admittedly, there's a but here too... Sensitive scalps shouldn't be exposed to acidic shampoos, as this will further irritate and dry them out. Alkaline hair care products are gentler on the scalp, but as already mentioned, the hair does not like them.

The solution

Try it with a sour rinse . Like a conventional hair conditioner, this closes the cuticle layer again. The hair shines more and is easier to comb. The mixture is only given in the hair lengths, the scalp is left out. With us you will find a suitable hair soap for this approach.

In addition to the alkaline hair soap , we also sell various types of pH skin-neutral shampoo powder. So you can just try what works better for you.

Please note that pH is not the only reason for the health of your skin and hair. Other factors also play a role here. Some problems such as skin irritation, dandruff or allergies can be counteracted by looking at the pH value of skin and hair care products - but it is not the answer to all (skin and hair) problems.

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