Information on the Öko-Test evaluation of the December 2021 edition of the 'Cherry Blossom' dry shampoo

Dear customers,

we have already received a number of inquiries regarding the result in the current issue of Ökotest. We can really understand the amazement, we too were very surprised by this result.

Before we offer an item for sale, it goes through several quality and safety checks. New items are not only tested in advance for their effect, practicability, result and scent, but are also subject to strict controls with regard to the ingredients and their composition.

You have to know that individual ingredients can also consist of several components. For example, with perfume oils or essential oils. The complex composition of these components is bundled in individual product safety data sheets by the respective manufacturer. Each component that we use for this article is in turn submitted by us with our recipe and the corresponding concentrations to an external safety assessment authority.

This safety assessment then yields valuable information such as the ingredients that are subject to declaration, the ingredients that are not subject to declaration, but also possible risks of the submitted recipe.

We can assure you that we take the quality of the ingredients and the feedback from the safety assessment as well as the requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation, the EU directives and the recommendations of the IFRA very seriously with the highest standards in order to consistently offer products that meet these high standards .

Unfortunately, we cannot answer the reasons why the Öko-Test result turned out so badly at the moment. Because according to the product safety data sheets described and the results of the safety assessment, the substances in question are not contained in our cherry blossom dry shampoo. However, we take this result very seriously and have initially withdrawn the product from sale pending final clarification.

We will now confront the safety assessment authority and the suppliers of the components used with these results and also subject the product to further analysis. In addition, we will also enter into dialogue with Öko-Test to compare the analyzes and results.

We promise to update this page as soon as we have a high-quality, well-founded answer that answers your absolutely legitimate questions. However, we have to ask you for a little patience, since the instances that are important for this clarification are difficult to reach, especially between the holidays, and we hope for your understanding.

According to our status, the article is safe according to analyzes and the available data sheets.

We guarantee that we at puremetics will take all necessary steps and services to ensure product quality, but of course also your satisfaction. If you feel uncomfortable with the item, we offer you a refund for the item free of charge and, for the sake of the environment, to refrain from returning it.

We hope that we were able to answer your questions well with the information currently available to us and will update this page as soon as the information mentioned is available.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us directly:

Until then, we send warm greetings from Isernhagen and wish you an enchanting start into the new year :)

+++UPDATE FROM 20.01.2022+++

Dear customers,

As promised, we're getting back to you with feedback on the Öko-Test result for our "Cherry Blossom" dry shampoo.

We were now able to collect almost all relevant information for clarification from the authorities.

The perfume oils we use in this article comply with the EU Cosmetics Directive and are classified as "safe". This means that there is no risk in using the product. All measured values ​​of the components are within the strict specifications of the IFRA.

Unfortunately, Öko-Test did not provide us with the analysis results on request, so we could not compare the Öko-Test parameters with ours.

We do not use the fragrances in question directly. You have to know that a fragrance consists of many different components. The fragrances objected to by Öko-Test are contained in such a low concentration in the fragrance component that they do not even have to be mentioned in the supplier's article safety data sheet. The EU Cosmetics Directive prescribes the concentrations above which these substances must be declared.

Although the concentration is so low that it does not have to be declared and the product is classified as a safe product according to the safety assessment and the EU Cosmetics Directive and IFRA, we still decided to revise the product.

We will soon be offering the "Cherry Blossom" dry shampoo again with a different scent. We will also pay attention to the substances that are below the declaration limit.

You can therefore continue to use the dry shampoo without worry. However, we still offer a refund if you feel uncomfortable with the product and, for the sake of the environment, do not even return it.

Greetings from the puremetics team :)