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Are you also longing for the refreshing touch of spring?

Our spring varieties pay homage to this wonderful season and bring the refreshing vibrancy and scent of spring straight to your home.

Chris (CEO & Co-Founder)

This joy was my inspiration

Imagine how the first buds sprout, the flowers bloom and nature shines in a colorful sea of ​​colors. Our spring varieties pay homage to this wonderful season and bring the refreshing vibrancy and scent of spring straight to your home.

I drew inspiration for this collection from the longing for freshness and renewal that spring brings. After the darkness of winter, I was filled with the desire to capture the first delicate signs of spring and reflect them in my products. The vibrant colors, refreshing air and awakening nature served as a source of inspiration for the selection of scents. Each note has been carefully selected to capture the atmosphere and magic of spring and offer customers an unparalleled fragrance experience.

Bring spring straight to your bathroom with our Spring Edition, which captures the delicate aromas of lilac, the vibrant garden of spring, the lovely lime blossom and the freshly mown lawn.

Chris Cosma puremetics GmbH vegane Kosmetik aus Hannover

light & elegant


The scent of lilac is a symphony of delicate floral notes that envelop the senses and create an atmosphere of lightness and elegance. The sweet and slightly powdery aromas of lilac are reminiscent of a warm spring afternoon when the delicate purple flowers bloom in all their glory. It is a scent that brings back memories and makes you look forward to the warm season. Lilac exudes a gentle freshness and a subtle sweetness that conjures up a touch of romance and spring in the air.

sweet & tender

Linden blossom

The scent of Linden Blossom is a wonderful blend of sweet, floral and honeyed notes that create a gentle and calming atmosphere. The linden blossom exudes a delicate, lovely scent that is reminiscent of warm spring and summer days when the air is filled with the intoxicating aroma of the blooming linden trees. The sweet, honey-like nuances give the scent a calming and inviting quality, while the floral notes add a slight freshness and lightness.

lively & fresh

spring garden

The scent of spring garden is a lively and fresh composition that captures the anticipation of the warm season. It's like walking through a blooming garden, surrounded by a variety of floral aromas and fresh green notes. Spring garden exudes a breath of freshness reminiscent of the dew on the leaves and the rising sun. The floral notes express the vibrant energy and beauty of spring, while the green accords impart a natural vitality and purity.

invigorating & pure

freshly mown lawn

The scent of freshly mown lawn is an invigorating and refreshing scent that captures the freshness and purity of nature. It's like walking through a green garden while the lawn has just been mowed. The scent is characterized by a clear, green freshness that is reminiscent of the juicy leaves and stalks. Delicate, earthy notes mix with a touch of citrus freshness, creating an invigorating and lively atmosphere. The smell of freshly mown lawn brings back memories of warm spring days outdoors and invites you to enjoy the invigorating energy of nature.

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Shower gel, peeling and body lotion in one!

Combine daily body cleansing with a gentle peeling and an olfactory experience! Fine coconut oil nourishes your skin while you shower and provides it with moisture without making it greasy

100% plastic free

From the product to the packaging, we pamper you with high-quality ingredients and completely avoid plastic. Treat yourself and the environment with love.


Our 3in1 shower fluffs have received multiple awards. They are winners of the PETA Vegan Awards 2023 in the “Body Scrubs” category and have also taken the press by storm.

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