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3in1 shower fluff (LIMITED WINTER EDITIONS 2023)

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    ✔ All limited flavors in one set!
    ✔ Shower, cream and peel in one step!
    ✔ Lilac, spring garden and linden blossom

    Combine daily body cleansing with a gentle peeling and an olfactory experience! Fine coconut oil cares for your skin while you shower and provides it with moisture without making it greasy! So you save yourself the lotion. Sugar particles rid your body of old skin cells and ensure heavenly suppleness.

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    CEO & product fairy Chris
    This joy was my inspiration

    Christmas is always a very special time for me
    Year. Although I am a sun child and can't get enough of the sea, the beach and long summer evenings, I always associate winter with a very special magic. For me, this time of year is associated with coziness, calming down, organizing my thoughts and being together with family and friends. The magic of winter still inspires me today, just as it did when I was a child, when I see the colorful lights glowing and it becomes cozy and cozy inside.

    Since life is now moving more towards home, I do
    make my nest as comfortable as possible and bring the warm life energy into my house. This winter magic is inevitably associated with very specific scents.
    When I came home from school I felt so good when the air was full of the scent of mandarins, apricots and vanilla. Not to mention the delicious warm chocolate cake and cookies that my mother makes almost daily

    This is the smell of winter for me! And my inspiration for this year's limited winter collection. I hope that we can bring winter magic home to you too and that you can enjoy this wonderful time full of magic to the fullest.

    My team and I wish you a happy holiday and if Christmas doesn't matter to you, then a contemplative and wonderful winter full of happy moments.

    you don't know our 3in1 shower fluffs yet?

    Then it's time for a match! Thousands of customers are already thrilled and no longer want to shower with anything else 😍

    ✅ No more applying cream after showering

    ✅ Heavenly delicate and cuddly soft skin

    ✅ Cleansing, peeling and lotion in one step

    without any harmful ingredients

    Our shower fluff is 100% plastic-free from the product to the packaging and does not contain any questionable ingredients that could harm you or our environment.

    "I was looking for a body peeling that does not contain plastic in terms of both cosmetics and packaging and I came across the shower fluff here. The scent is amazing and the skin is really soft.
    I can't imagine the shower fluff without it!" - Johanna

    100% plastic free
    Our shower fluff cups

    We developed these specifically for our shower fluffs. They are produced in Germany and come without any plastic or bioplastic coating and still keep your shower fluff fresh. However, paper is always paper. Therefore, please do not take the cups directly into the shower, but fill up some shower fluff for the wet cabin.

    Cleansing, peeling and lotion
    3in1 all-rounder

    The cool thing about shower fluff? You not only save a lot of plastic waste, but also 3 common products. So you have a real all-rounder in the bathroom and combine your daily care with a peeling that keeps your skin nice and soft.

    "The fluffs feel great on the skin, smell fantastic and care for the skin infinitely well! I have sensitive skin and I'm quick to react to anything... But my skin loves the fluffs! My skin has actually improved since I switched to it. It is only very rarely dry and always nice and soft!!"- Anke

    without microplastics
    Did you know, …?

    ... that peeling grains used to be mostly small plastic particles? Fortunately, many peelings today no longer contain any peeling plastic particles. They are officially designated as "free of microplastics" and may bear the appropriate seal. Unfortunately, many peelings still contain microplastics in the form of liquid plastic.
    This cannot be broken down in rivers and seas and harms our environment.
    We don't do things by halves when it comes to plastic, our shower fluff is 100% plastic-free, we promise! 🙏🌿